Humboldt County Aviation Advisory Committee

Minutes for 23 Jan 2001

Dave Zebo Conference Room

Call to Order- 5:00 P.M. Dave Zebo Conference Room

Roll Call Signatures, Parking ticket Signatures.No-one from Dept of Public works in attendance, for signatures.

Adjustment to Agenda (Action) Quorum not present. Member of the Committee present were Sally Biggin, Alister McCrone, Jack Limmer and George Jutila. Absent: Al Castaldi, Dennis Hunter, Arthur Hooven, Dan Johnson, and Secretary Dave Ravetti. There was no quorum and therefore no business conducted.

Introduction of guest presenter: Gene Palsson, retired TWA 747 Captain, and current distributor of Polysteel Forms in Northern Calif. was introduced.

He spoke about Polysteel Forms and their use in construction. Because of the forms are made of polystyrene and galvanized steel furring strips with concrete and reinforced steel rebar fill, the resulting concrete structure is fire proof ("4 hour fire wall" according to ASTM E-119 Standards), earthquake proof to 3 stories, water and insect proof and sound proof, it would be an ideal building material around airports. Home and other building construction with Polysteel Forms near any airport would eliminate the airport noise problem and it would work just as well for structures on the airport. Its life expectancy is many times that of wood.

New RVR towers and power house structures would be examples. Any type of passenger gate or walkway could be rapidly constructed, even underground. The major cost savings are in labor to build the structure, although the forms and concrete will cost about 2-4% more than a 2x6 wood structure. It also saves about 30-70% of heating and cooling costs with an R-50 rating. The company guarantees a 33 % reduction over a wood 2x6 with R-19 rating. A video film and a 4' section of form was shown.

Gene Pallson will have an exhibit of the construction forms and video at the

Aviation Conference on 17 Feb 01 at River Lodge Convention Center.

It was decided that a field trip to Westhaven to see a home constructed with

Polysteel Forms was not warranted for next meeting because of pertinent committee business.

There was no other business conducted and the meeting was adjourned at 6:00.

Jack Limmer, Chairman will preside at the Feb 27th meeting.

Acting Secretary, George A. Jutila.