Humboldt County Airport Advisory Committee

Minutes for April 23, 2002 at 7:00 PM

Dave Zebo Conference Room



1.0 Call to Order

1.1 Chairman Limmer called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM

2.0 Roll Call

2.1 Members present: Jack Limmer Alistair McCrone, Chuck Goodwin, George Jutila, Al Castaldi, Art Hooven, Dan Horton

2.2 Guests: David Ravetti

3.0 Minutes of the meeting of March 26, 2002 were reviewed and approved.

4.0 Airports Manager Dan Horton reported the following

4.1 A request for $400,000 the first per year, $300,000 the second and $200,000 the third for EAS has been submitted to the Federal Government. Total funding would be $1,874,000 over a three-year period. Interested airlines are Horizon (70 PAX Turbo-Prop -PDX & SEA), United Express (50 PA XRJ - SFO, DEN & LAX) and Delta Connection (50 PAX RJ - SLC & BOI). Evergreen has sent a letter of intent to run two SC-9 flights per day for freight. The Website is at www.dms.dot.gov and the docket number is 2002-11590-1.

4.2 State Assembly Bill AB 2719 will divert to state aeronautics 19 million dollars from jet fuel taxes. Input from as many sources as possible is requested ASAP. Discussion from the floor lead to Dr. Jutila making a motion for the Committee to request the County Supervisors and all the Chamber of Commerce’s from the south end of Humboldt County through Crescent City to support this bill and a supporting letter to the author of AB 2719. Vote to pass unanimous.

4.3 Request for funding of security at ACV from TSA will not meet expectations and the deficit will come from the County Aviation budget.. County Sheriff’s office has requested over $50,000 to supply security deputies to ACV. Discussion regarding the CTX bomb sniffing machine versus bomb sniffing dogs. Three dogs cost $12,000, the machine costs 1,000,000.

4.4 Al Castaldi made comment about aviation frequency congestion on 124.85 (Seattle Center) has started again around the Kneeland area westward. Dan Horton indicated that he would investigate with FAA Frequency Management. Maybe a call to the FAA Safety Hotline would be in order.


5.0 Old business

5.1 Shutt Moen and airports master plan - Dan Horton mentioned that this Thursday and Friday will have meetings regarding the terminal at ACV. A Title 7 weed has been found in a ditch 40 feet inside the fence along the approach end to runway 32 at ACV. This may prove to be a problem in extending the runway.

5.2 Kneeland Airport Master Plan update - will end up in Title 7 with the Kneeland Penny Crest plant. US Fish and Wildlife have concerns that will have to be addressed.

5,3 Deer fencing status - FAA mandate to install fence two feet under ground. Owner in NW corner has complained and filed notice with Coastal Commission regarding putting the fence along the bluff and the sitting of the fence along their property line.

5.4 Airport security update - Dr. Jutila sent a letter to Mr. Thompson regarding security issues at commercial airport security screening. Dan Horton mentioned that Mr. Mineta (DOT Director) said today that a "Traveler Card" will contain biometric data and allow passengers to go through a "reduced" screening process.

5.5 ACV control tower status - Unclear where the FAA funding is until at least 10/02.

5.5 Super Unicom request status _ Awaiting approval on AIP funding.

6.0 New business:

6.1 CA. DOT Request for Airport Security Projects (handout) - Not including ACV, regarding apron and tiedown lighting and fencing. Around $3,000 for EKA and FOT for security cameras was mentioned. The system may use a 80 GB hard drive and "burn" CDs automatically. Dan Horton requested that individuals submit locations for placement of lights, fencing and cameras. Weather cam will be available 24/7 to the general public via the Internet, versus security cams, which can be accessed by phone. Multiple motion sensors along the hangars, tied into directional lighting were discussed at length. Fence along the pig farm at FOT was discussed. Electric fencing along the dikes at EKA was discussed including solar power. Only three sides would need to be done, as the terminal area is already fenced. Garberville has a request for the construction of two folding-door hangars, containing four units each with a 30-year lease. The County would offer a twenty-five year lease unless the master tenants put in public restrooms and a flight planning facility. Remote weather camera at Kneeland was discussed.

6.2 Rohnerville Airport facilities upgrade request - new tables and 2 dozen chairs are requested for the FBO facility. Dan Horton will check with County for availability. Electrical lines will be buried and run to the hangars to provide electrical power. Automatic gate for FOT has been purchased.

6.3 Vacancy on the Airports Advisory Committee - the alternate position is still available.

6.4 Dr. Jutila and Dan Horton discussed Poly Steel Buildings for a 60’ X 160’ building on the north side of ACV at the road barn to allow the FAA to move from the terminal building. Dan Orton has been working on constructing a G.A. ramp with hangars at the north end of ACV (off Bravo taxiway).

6.5 Dinsmore has a neighbor willing to mow the weeds. Dan Horton expects to spend $180,000 to perform reconstruction along the south side to include a new culvert. Discussion about security cams and fencing resulted in not recommending fencing due to community picnics, but installing security cams due to possible illegal activities.

7.0 Public comments - David Ravetti asked about the County manning the ATC Tower in ACV as a Unicom until which time the FAA staffs it and when the FAA does staff it if they Tower personnel will augment the ASOS. Funds are not available and the County does not have sufficient staffing. An additional individual will be hired by County to watch the side gate at the fire barn.

8.0 Date and place of next meeting - May 8, 2002 at the Dave Zebo Conference Room, Arcata/Eureka Airport, 7:00 PM. Jack Limmer will be unavailable for the next meeting and Dr. Jutila will chair the meeting.

9.0 Adjournment at 9:15 PM by Jack Limmer