Humboldt County Airport Advisory Committee

Minutes for July 23, 2001

Dave Zebo Conference Room


1.0 Call to order

1.1 Chairman Limmer called the meeting to order at 7:15PM.

2.0 Roll call

2.1 Members in attendance:

Dr. George Jutila

Al Castaldi

Arthur Hooven

Dan Johnson

David Ravetti

Jack Limmer

2.2 Public in attendance:

Ray Wickel

2.3 Public Employees in attendance:


3.0 Adjustment to Calendar

David Ravetti requested a couple minutes to review two letters from Charles Wilson.

4.0 Review minutes of the previous meeting

4.1 Chairman Limmer asked for changes to the minutes from June 26, 2001.

4.2 Al Castaldi motioned to approve as written. Art Hooven provided a second. Motion passed unanimously.

5.0 Consent Calendar - None


6.0 Old Business

6.1 Discussion regarding the time and day of the monthly meeting resulted in continuing to meet on the fourth Monday at 7 PM each month.

6.2 Dr. Jutila suggested having the Committee attend the AV8CANDO meeting on the third Saturday of February 2002 to obtain public input regarding county airports. Motion to have Shutt Moen attend the event and be given one hour to present information regarding the ten-year plan for county airports made by David Ravetti. Second by Jack Limmer. Vote was unanimous. Direction by the Chairman asking Dan Horton to advise Shutt Moen of this opportunity.

6.3 ACV Runway alignment of only ten degrees would provide maximum length without extending the runway southeast. It is assumed that the current ten-year plan will provide data on both an extension to runway 32 versus realignment to a new runway 33/15.

6.4 Dan Horton was not in attendance to explain how the nose hangar at ACV would be reconstructed to provide facilities for freight operators.

6.5 Problems regarding non-profit organizations obtaining facilities on airport properties without having to pay current market rates have delayed implementation of AV8CANDO educational facilities. Federal regulations (AIR 21) require all users of airports receiving Federal funds to pay market rates. Item tabled to allow AV8CANDO time to obtain hard data on recourses available to the County. When the Committee is provided possible avenues the County may pursue in providing ground leases to aviation related non-profit entities at little or no cost, the Committee will consider supporting the concept(s).

7.0 New Business

7.1 Letters from Charles Wilson to Dan Horton will be returned to Mr. Horton with a request to copy all Committee members. A review of the recommendations by Mr. Wilson will be made at the next scheduled meeting.

7.2 Discussion regarding the absence of Dan Horton the last few meetings resulted in a motion by Al Castaldi that if Dan Horton or Allen Campbell will not be able to attend the monthly meeting, that in the discretion of the Committee Chairman, the meeting will be canceled or rescheduled. Second by Dr Jutila. Vote was unanimous.

8.0 Public Comments

8.1 See item 6.5 above. Comments by Ray Wickel as to why the County cannot provide ground lease at minimal expense for educational purposes.

9.0 Date and Place of Next Meeting:

9.1 August 27, 2001 at 7 PM, Dave Zeebo Conference Room, Eureka/Arcata Airport.

10.0 Chairman Limmer made adjournment at 9:00 PM.