Humboldt County Airport Advisory Committee

Minutes for October 22, 2002 at 1900

Dave Zebo Conference Room



1.0              Call to order


1.1              Chairman Limmer called the meeting to order at 1908.


2.0              Roll Call


2.1              Members present: Jack Limmer, George Jutila, Richard Fenton, Chuck Goodwin, Alistair McCrone, Anthony Howard


2.2              Public Employees in attendance: Dan Horton


2.3              Guests: None


3.0              Adjustments to Calendar:  None


4.0              Minutes of the meeting of September 24, 2002 were reviewed and an addition to item 6.4 was offered by Anthony Howard.  It was added that the security fencing that had been discussed under that item was also noted to be very effective in controlling deer incursions onto airport properties.  The addition was noted and the minutes were approved as corrected.


5.0              Consent Calendar-Written Reports:

5.1              Board of Supervisors:  A Board agenda item No. C-3, dated September 23, 2002 has been received by all committee members relating to the prior approval of all HCAAC “position” letters by the Board.  Discussion was held regarding how to approach this policy.  In general, it was felt that we should help the Board update this policy so that our committee can effectively, and in a timely manner, advise the Board on time sensitive aviation matters.  It was decided that two or three committee members would attempt to meet this coming Thursday or next Monday with one or two interested Board members.  Dr. George Jutila will try to set up the meeting with the HCAAC Committee Chairman, Jack Limmer, Dr. McCrone, and possibly himself.  It was pointed out that the discussion with the Board should emphasize that this policy poses a generic communication problem that needs some study, as it probably affects other committees within the County as well.


6.0              Old Business

6.1              Written reports or oral updates:

6.1.1        Update on the Fish and Game ponds near Murray Field.  Dan Horton reports that the project has proceeded, but that Fish and Game may decide to leave the ponds empty for a year in order to allow consideration of any necessary changes to airport operating procedures.  This might include a change of traffic pattern location.  It has been mentioned by Fish and Game personnel that the County also has a “pond project” in this vicinity, and that Fish and Game’s is farther from the runway than the County’s.


6.2              Shutt Moen and Airports Master Plan:  Dan Horton reported that a firm in Wisconsin has purchased Shutt Moen.  Their latest communications with the County was that they did not want to bring a runway extension at ACV to the public, but the county has firmly requested that they do so.  They are to schedule public meetings by Wednesday, October 23rd, with the first meeting to be held mid-county, in Eureka or Fortuna.  These meetings will relate to both the AVC and Kneeland master plans.


6.3              Kneeland Airport:  It is presently unknown what effect Fish and Wildlife Service designation of Kneeland Prairie Pennycress as an endangered plant species will have on the proposed airport modifications.  A Title 7 study will need to be completed by the FAA in order to pursue any development on this airport.  This may greatly increase the cost of any future improvements.


6.4              Deer fencing at the Arcata-Eureka Airport:  The fencing project has been completed as of today.  Plastic fencing and fence poles has been installed on the bluff areas.  Dan Horton has offered a tour of the completed project to interested committee members.


6.5              Airport Security:  TSA team did arrive and meet with the County a week after their originally scheduled date.  New plan for 100% baggage screening will place explosive detection machine (EDM) at counters and TSA will check bags in front of each passenger.  It was generally agreed that the cost/benefit ratio of these additional screening measures is probably minimal.


6.6              Control tower for the Eureka-Arcata Airport:  Dan Horton reports that there is no news regarding any funding for the control tower.


6.7              Super Unicom Request Status:  Super Unicom’s approval process is expected to be finalized by December 31st, allowing installation at Murray Field and the Rohnerville Airport in the new year.  ATA funding for this work will begin to be collected on January 1st, allowing funds to build at an approximate $25,000 per month rate.  A motion was made by G. Jutila and seconded by A. Howard to place the first funded unit at Murray Field, followed by one at Rohnerville Airport, as funds are available.  Motion passed unanimously.


6.8              New GA ramp at ACV:  Ted Contri, a construction contractor, may be interested in building a large hanger at this location.  County may consider his requested 40 year lease if public restrooms and a pilot lounge are included in the proposal.


7.0              New Business


7.1              Tracy, CA – Airport Advisory Committee Five-Year Master Plan:  George Jutila made a motion, seconded by Anthony Howard, to request that the County develop a five-year master plan for each airport in the County system using the City of Tracy’s “Strategic Plan for Airport Development” as a model and post on our county website.  Motion unanimously approved.

7.2              TSA Security Plans @ ACV:  Dan Horton reported that all tenants of ACV will be required to develop and submit a “security plan” including new insurance coverage requirements, in order to continue operation at ACV in the near future.  Discussion ensued regarding various other security issues, including CDF air tanker and helitack bases.

7.3              A question was raised regarding the possibility of obtaining grants to provide physical plant improvements necessitated by TSA security requirements.  Dan commented that local grants may be successful, but TSA itself will probably not provide any grant opportunities for these new security requirements.


8.0              Public Comments:  None received.


9.0              Date and place of next meeting:  A motion was made by George Jutila, and seconded by Rich Fenton, to change the time of future meetings to 1800.  Motion passed unanimously.  Next meeting date is therefore November 26, 2002 in the Dave Zebo Conference Room at 1800.


10.0     Chairman Limmer adjourned the meeting at 2110.