Humboldt County Airport Advisory Committee

Minutes for October 24, 2000

Humboldt State University Library


1.0 Call to order

1.1 Chairman Jutila called the meeting to order at 4:30 PM

2.0 Roll call

2.1 Members in attendance:

Dr. George Jutila gjutila@wcinet.net
Al Castaldi abbyfonse@aol.com
Sally Biggin sbiggin@thegrid.net
David Ravetti pilots@ctnis.com
Jack Limmer jrlimmer@tidepool.com

2.2 Public in attendance:

Ray Wiekel av8rray@northcoast.com
Michael Sextant M.D.
Ray Wang

2.3 Public Employees in attendance:

Ray Beeninga
Dan Horton
Kim Kerr kkerr@co.humboldt.ca.us
Allen Campbell

3.0 Adjustment to calendar

3.1 Michael Sextant M.D. presented a portable cardiac defibrillator unit that could be installed at the ACV terminal. Airport fire-fighting personnel would be required to receive a few hours of training before using the device. Ms Kim Kerr presented several legal issues that will have to be overcome prior to the implementation of this project, including who will conduct a regular maintenance program.

3.2 Correspondence

3.2.1 Incoming: None

3.2.2 Outgoing: Letters to the Board of Supervisors Weather observations at ACV. Deprivation permits for deer and related fencing at ACV. Humboldt State University Library tour invitations.

4.0 Review the minutes of the previous meeting

4.1 The minutes of the September 26, 2000 meeting were reviewed. Motion to approve was made by David Ravetti and seconded by Jack Limmer. Vote to approve as written was unanimous.

5.0 Consent calendar

5.1 None

6.0 Old business

6.1 Al Castaldi and Jack Limmer attended a public meeting the previous week

regarding deer deprivation at ACV. California Fish and Game attendees responded that any deer found to be in a safety conflict with aircraft could be taken. There is still a question as how to handle the remains of any deer taken. A letter to the Coastal Commission may be required regarding the installation of deer fencing at ACV. Dan Horton indicated that the cost of $772,000 will be provided by IAP 90% funding and the balance from the airport budget.

6.2 Discussion regarding the closure of the ACV weather facility next month

appears inevitable. Current airport and County budgets are unable to fund the operation. Discussion with the U.S. Coast Guard concerning payment for services is primarily focused for fire-fighting personnel. David Ravetti and Al Castaldi will write a letter to the Board of Supervisors requesting that the Board ask the FAA and NWS to install additional equipment to supplement the ASOS at ACV. Al Castaldi indicated that without an operating unicom radio, commercial operators might be unable to operate at ACV. The scheduled passenger aircarriers at ACV have two-way air/ground communications and will not be affected.

7.0 New business

7.1 Dan Horton will contact Dave Dietz and ask him to attend the November Committee meeting to discuss the public meeting planned for the following evening at Azalea Hall. Discussion continued regarding the Committee role in the upcoming public meetings. At issue was the prominence the Committee might take. It was determined that the Committee will take a back seat during the meetings and assess the public comments.

8.0 Public comments

8.1 None

9.0 Date and place of next meeting

9.1 The next meeting will be November 28, 2000 in the Dave Zeebo room at the ACV terminal.

10.0 Adjournment was made at 6:30PM by Chairman Jutila.