Humboldt County Airport Advisory Committee

Minutes for November 26, 2002 at 1800

Humboldt County Aviation Division Office


1.0 Call to order

1.1 Vice-Chairman Jutila called the meeting to order at 1805

2.0 Roll Call

2.1 Members present: George Jutila, Al Castaldi, Richard Fenton, Chuck Goodwin, Arthur Hooven, Anthony Howard

2.2 Public Employees in attendance: Dan Horton

2.3 Guests: None

3.0 Adjustments to Calendar: None

4.0 Rich Fenton reported that the corrections to the September 24th minutes and the minutes for the October 22nd meeting have not been prepared, and will need to be reviewed at the next meeting.

5.0 Consent Calendar-Written Reports:

5.1 Board of Supervisors: Dr. Jutila has spoken to Roger Rodini regarding the previously received written policy requiring prior Board of Supervisors approval of Committee "position papers" and reports that any Committee member can appear before a regular Tuesday Board meeting during the "Public Comment" period in order to present Committee correspondence for Board approval. The Board will not be able to act on the matter at that meeting, but it will facilitate getting the matter on the next agenda and allow us to inform the Board of urgent issues in a timely manner. Fourteen copies of all correspondence are required in order to ensure proper distribution through County Departments.

6.0 Old Business

6.1 Written reports or oral updates:

6.1.1 Update on the Fish and Game ponds near Murray Field. Brief discussion concluded that the immediate ponds have been completed, and that the construction of future ponds may be reconsidered by Fish and Game.

6.2 Shutt Moen and Airports Master Plan: Dan Horton reported that Shutt Moen will present a revised overall plan for ACV and Kneeland airports to the County next week. Public meetings have not yet been scheduled, but they are also to address this during their presentation.

6.3 Kneeland Airport: Shutt Moen is due to address the Title 7 requirements for the Kneeland Prairie Pennycress and possible FAA funding issues during their report to the Board next week.

6.4 Airport Security: TSA mandated March 1st to resolve ACV holding area space requirements or else they will do anything they desire in order to implement their mission. County has applied for and received funds from the FAA to allow purchase of a modular building that should be completed and ready for passenger holding by Thursday of this week, for the Thanksgiving holiday travel rush. Dan also reported that the County is under order from TSA to provide a security plan in the near future for airport operations (due date uncertain at this time). This will require that the County receive an individual security plan from all users of the Part 139 portion of the airport, and restrict general access to this portion of the airport.


6.5 Control tower for the Eureka-Arcata Airport: Dan Horton reports that he has been informed that there will be no funding from Congress for the operation of this tower due to current high TSA funding requirements. It is unclear when there might be any progress on alternate funding.

6.6 Super Unicom Request Status: Initial funding should be forthcoming by mid-January. This ATA funding source will also be used for the installation of the PAPI system for Runway 14 @ ACV.

6.7 New GA Ramp off Central Ave. at ACV: Bidding for this project is anticipated after January 1st. Construction start is anticipated in mid-May or June of 2003. Dan reported that Ted Contri is still interested in building a hanger in this location if the County will grant a 30-year lease with a 10-year option for the improvements.

6.8 Update of Request to Construct New Private Hangers at Garberville Airport: Four hangers, capable of accepting two aircraft each, are to be built privately. One space is to be made available for rent to the public in each hanger.

7.0 New Business

7.1 Selection of a New Committee Chair for the Coming Year: Dr. George Jutila was nominated by Chuck Goodwin to be the Chair of the Committee. Rich Fenton handed out a current listing of committee "members" and "alternates". It was determined that nominations for Chair would need to be made from "members". There were no further nominations for Chairman. Jack Limmer was nominated by Al Castaldi for the position of Vice-Chairman. Final nominations and voting were deferred to the next meeting.

7.2 Overnight Parking Lot Security @ ACV as Addressed to Committee by the Public: The parking lot vendor was resistant to providing any additional security measures because they replied that it was not required by their lease agreement with the County. Due to recent increased public comments on this issue, Dan feels that the Vendor will probably install some security cameras soon. Future leases for parking vendors will include requirements for increased security measures in the County lease agreement.

7.3 Al Castaldi reports that United Express pilots would like monthly parking at ACV. Dan Horton reports that it is not available except in the "overflow" lot SW of Runway 32. This is unpaved and not secure, but there are no requirements to obtain prior permission or to display any permit in this area. The only other option is to pay the long term parking vendor’s rates for public parking.

7.4 Al Castaldi asked for the status of the installation of a PAPI system for Runway 14 in order to restore the full length of the Runway for take off and landing. Dan Horton replied that only landing is restricted to 5199’ and that take off is available at the full 5999’ that would be available on Runway 32. The PAPI system that will restore the full length of Runway 14 for landing is due to be installed early next year, as mentioned in item 6.6.

7.5 Al Castaldi reported possible ILS interference at ACV and questioned if the new fencing could be the cause. Dan replied that it is unlikely, and that it might be helpful if Al posted a notice at Northern Air (Murray Field) to ask instructors flying practice approaches to ACV if they are able to determine if there any large are trucks or equipment on the airport property or County maintenance yard when any interference is noticed.

7.6 Dr. Jutila would like to apply for a grant from the "tobacco funds" to provide and maintain defibrillators at County airports and buildings. It was suggested that a criteria of "assembly density", rather than "total occupants", be used in determining which County facilities would receive these new style, easy to use units.

8.0 Public Comments: None received.

9.0 Date and place of next meeting: Due to the Christmas holiday, the next meeting date is December 17, 2002 at 1800 in the Northern Air Conference Room at Murray Field, Eureka.

10.0 Vice Chairman Jutila adjourned the meeting at 1945.