Humboldt County Airport Advisory Committee

Minutes for November 27, 2001

Dave Zebo Conference Room


1.1 Call to order

1.1 Chairman Limmer called the meeting to order at 7:15 P.M.

2.0 Roll call

2.1 Members in attendance:

 Dr. George Jutila
 Al Castaldi
 Dennis Hunter
 Jack Limmer

2.2 Public in attendance:


2.3 Public Employees in attendance

 Dan Horton

3.0 Adjustment to Calendar

3.1 None

4.0 Review minutes of the previous meeting

4.1 Chairman Limmer asked for changes to the minutes from July 27, 2001.

4.2 Al Castaldi motioned to approve as written. Art Hooven provided a second. Motion passed unanimously

5.0 Consent Calendar None.

6.0 Old Business

6.1 The lack of work by Shutt Moen on the Airports Master Plan was discussed. Mr. Horton noted that there has been little done by Shutt Moen in the last twelve months and some billed work is being questioned. The only public meeting held so far was held over a year ago in McKinleyville. There is a meeting between the County and Shutt Moen scheduled for December 7, 2001. When the contract was let for the master plan there were no timelines in the contract so it is hard to enforce any timely completion of the hearings and master plan completion. It is hoped that the County and Shutt Moen can come to some agreement as to timelines for the master plan at the December 7, 2001 meeting.

6.2 The status of the deer fencing was discussed. There is a Coastal Commission hearing on December 14, 2001 to consider the appeal make by some of the landowners north of the airport to stop construction of the deer fencing on the bluff side of the airport. The FAA is expected to approve the deer fencing plan design and request for funding. As soon as FAA approval has been received the request for construction bids will go out. It is hoped that the contract will be let by the end of January 2002. The contract may be a two-phase contract if the Coastal Committee hearing is not complete, so that the fencing in the non-coastal area can be started as soon a bid is approved.

6.3 The AV8CANDO Conference is scheduled for Saturday February 16, 2002 at the River Lodge in Fortuna. Shutt Moen and all Airport Advisory Committee Members are encouraged to attend.

6.4 The Federal Budget for the FAA has not yet been approved, so the funding to staff the new portable control tower at the Arcata/Eureka Airport is still up in the air, but is expected to be included in the approved budget.

6.5 Mr. Horton has requested the purchase of two Super Unicom units, one for Eureka Murray Airport and one for Rohnerville Airport to be funded from AIP Funds. The cost will be about $58,000 for each unit. The units are self-checking for accuracy and only need to be serviced every 24 months. This request should be approved by June 2002.

7.0 New Business

7.1 Airport Security at the county airports was discussed. Security cameras at Eureka-Murray and Rohnerville airports are being considered.

National Guard Troops are present at the Eureka-Arcata airport at the screening area. New baggage screening equipment is expected to be installed.

7.2 The effect of the recent proposal by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of 74 acres around the Kneeland Airport as Critical Habitat to a plant called the Kneeland Prairie Pennycress was discussed. This designation may impact the resurfacing and renovation of the airport to meet required standards. The county is studying what can and cannot be done at the airport, which is used by commercial freight, charter and general aviation airplanes when weather is below weather minimums at the Arcata-Eureka, Eureka-Murray and Rohnerville Airports. The loss of this airport will have considerable impact on the economy of the county. Improvements at the Rohnerville Airport might solve some, but not certainly all, the problems that would arise if the Kneeland Airport were lost.

7.3 Chairman Limmer has contacted Supervisor John Wooley and requested that the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors appoint three new members to replace the resignations of members Dan Johnson, David Ravetti and Sally Began from the Airport Advisory Committee.

7.4 The operation of the ASOS was discussed. The FAA may be taking back the management of the ASOS system nationwide from the National Weather Service. Mr. Horton is working with other airport managers regarding ASOS problems and what can be done increase reliability.

8.0 Public Comments

8.1 None

9.0 Date and Place of Next Meeting:

9.1 Tuesday, January 22, 2002 at 7 PM, Dave Zebo Conference Room, Eureka/Arcata Airport.

10.0 Chairman Limmer made adjournment at 8:20 PM.