TUESDAY, JUNE 05, 2001

9:00 AM




C.                  CONSENT CALENDAR

These matters are routine in nature and are usually approved by a single vote. Prior to the meeting, any member of the public may request any member of the Board to pull a particular item for further discussion.


1.                   Appropriation Transfer from Contingencies for Interest Expense.When the County received Headwaters mitigation funds in March of 1999, the County used part of the federal funds to cover General Fund cash flow needs. Original estimate of cash flows and interest expense for the current year was too optimistic and an additional $100,000 needs to be added to the current appropriation of $130,000.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve transfer.

Board of Supervisors

2.                   Resolution declaring August 18, 2001 as Bridge Fest Day and recognizing Bridgeville's community yard sale on June 9, 2001.The town of Bridgeville holds its annual Community Yard Sale on June 9, 2001 and its Annual Bridge Fest Day on August 18, 2001.Resolution from the Board is required for a Cal Trans encroachment permit. (Supervisor Rodoni)

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt the resolution.

3.                   Continuation of Emergency transmission of disease through contaminated needle use.Dr. Lindsay has determined that the emergency still exists and the Resolution should remain in effect for an additional fourteen days until June 19, 2001. (Supervisor Woolley)

RECOMMENDATION: Declare that a local state of emergency per Resolution No. 2000-14 remains in effect until June 19, 2001 allowing the Department of Public Health to continue a needle exchange program.

4.                   Letter of Support for SB 226 (Chesbro) County Medical Services Program.Senate Bill 226 County Medical Services Program was introduced by Senator Wesley Chesbro at the request of the CMSP Governing Board.If enacted, this legislation will extend the sunset provision in current law for five years thereby extending the life of county governance of CMSP.SB 226 is currently in the Assembly after passing through the Senate without a dissenting vote.The Department of Finance has opposed SB 226 based on CMSP's substantial reserve and a $20.2 million appropriation from the State.This appropriation was waived in Fiscal Years 1999/2000 and 2000/2001, and is expected to be waived again.A reserve exists because under county governance CMSP has recovered from a negative fund balance to more than a $100 million reserve.This reserve is necessary to get our CMSP "insurance like" program through the next financial downturn without cutting benefits to beneficiaries or payments to health care providers or increasing costs to counties. (Supervisor Woolley)

RECOMMENDATION: Authorize the Chair to send letters of support to Governor Davis, Senator Chesbro and Assemblywoman Strom-Martin.

5.                   Letter of support for funding to restore Yurok Tribe's old ranger station in Klamath.The Yurok Tribe has applied for Save America's Treasures funding to restore the Yurok Redwood Experimental Forest Ranger Station making it accessible to everyone.The station located in an historic Civilian Conservation Corps building, houses the Yurok Tribe Culture Department, Yurok Language Restoration Program, Yurok Tribal Archive and the North Coastal Information Center.The proposed restoration project is a result of collaboration between the State of California, Six Rivers National Forest and the Yurok Tribal Heritage Preservation Office.The North Coastal Information Center serves as an archeological and historical building review and a compliance clearinghouse.A restored historic building will provide a facility for the Yurok tribe employees to continue their important work.

RECOMMENDATION: Authorize the Chair to sign a letter of support to Dennis Galvin, Director, National Park Service.

6.                   Resolution Orleans 53rd Annual Old Timer's Parade and Picnic.†† On June 17, 2001 Orleans will be celebrating its 53rd annual Old Timer's Parade and Picnic.Cal Trans requires a resolution from the Board endorsing the event.

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt the resolution.

Clerk of the Board

7.                   Reappointments of Sara Kavich and Patrick Cleary to the Big Lagoon Community Services District's Board of Directors.Approve appointments with terms to expire in November 2003.

RECOMMENDATION: Reappoint Sara Kavich and Patrick Cleary.

8.                   Appointment of Rex Rathbun to the Petrolia Fire Protection District's Board of Directors.Approve appointment.

RECOMMENDATION: Appoint Rex Rathbun.

9.                   Approval of the Board Orders from the meeting of May 22, 2001

RECOMMENDATION: Approve the Board Orders.

Community Development Services

10.               Grant funding for updating the Mad River Program EIR for Gravel Mining.The Department of Community Development Services has prepared an application for grant funding a project under the California Department of Fish and Game's Fisheries Restoration Grants Program RFP2001.The objective of the project is to conduct a comprehensive data collection and analyses effort to update the Mad River sediment budget, assess geomorphic channel changes, and update the current management plan for gravel mining on the Mad River in Humboldt County in a manner that is protective of salmonid habitat.

RECOMMENDATION: Submit application to State Fish & Game's Fisheries Restoration Grants Program.

County Administrative Office

11.               Supplemental budget to provide funds for state mandated cost claiming services.On February 6, 2001, the Board authorized the Chair to execute an agreement with DMG-Maximus to provide State mandated cost claiming services.These services included the filing of late or amended State mandated cost reimbursement claims for prior years as well as annual State mandated cost reimbursement claims.The supplemental budget included the amount for prior year claims but inadvertently omitted the amount for the annual reimbursement claim process.This will correct that omission.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve supplemental budget of $20,000.

Employment Training

12.               Cost-reimbursement subagreement between the County of Humboldt and the College of the Redwoods

RECOMMENDATION: Approve subagreement to provide training as Nurse Assistants, Licensed Vocational Nurses and Registered Nurses.

13.               Cost reimbursement subagreement between the County of Humboldt and the Area 1 Agency on Aging

RECOMMENDATION: Approve subagreement for providing Nurse Assistant certification training.

14.               Cost reimbursement subagreement between the County of Humboldt and the Humboldt Regional Occupational Program.HROP provides Nurse Assistant certification training courses to equip students with skills and knowledge that qualify them for the State Nurse Assistant certification.The Humboldt County Employment Training Department will contract with HROP for $90,717 to provide this training.This contract will provide the Workforce Investment Act and Welfare-to-Work enrolled students with additional services to enable them to participate in the program and will also provide HROP with additional funds to augment their training staff and supplies.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve subagreement for providing Nurse Assistant certification training.

15.               Welfare to Work formula grant 2001 Local Plan Adjustment/Modification.The Employment Training Department with funds received through Public Law 105-33, the federal Balanced Budget Act of 1977 has been providing programs targeted to hard to employ welfare recipients of Humboldt County.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve Welfare-to-Work Formula Grant Program plan modifications.

Health and Human Services - Administration

16.               Temporary Pay Increase per Section 7 of the Salary Resolution for Leonard Rankin, Substance Abuse Counselor II.Proposition 36, the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act of 2000 is mandated to go into effect in Humboldt County on July 1, 2001. In order to meet the short deadline based timetable of July 1, 2001 and in preparation for the event, Len Rankin of AODP currently Substance Abuse Counselor II has been assigned to new primary duties since May 1, 2001 that are beyond his current scope of responsibility.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve temporary increase as outlined in agenda submittal.

Health and Human Services - Mental Health Branch

17.               Request for transfer from donations to Mental Health to Mental Health Trusts Revenue account.

RECOMMENDATION: Transfer $3,000 to Mental Health Trusts Account No. 1170-706-070.

Health and Human Services - Public Health Branch

18.               Supplemental budget for Fund 1175, Public Health, Budget Unit 447, High Risk Prevention Case Management.The Health Branch is requesting to supplement the High Risk Prevention Case Management program budget, Budget Unit 447, in order to bring the County's budget line item amounts into compliance with the State grant budget amounts for FY 2000-01.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve supplemental budget.

19.               Supplemental budget for Mental Health Pharmacy ($100,000).A mid-year review of Budget Unit 422, Pharmacy, has been completed and the review shows that the current appropriation for Mental Health pharmaceuticals will be insufficient to cover the remainder of FY 2000/2001.The Health Branch's Pharmacist purchases pharmaceuticals on behalf of the Mental Health Branch's clinics, Juvenile Hall and Humboldt County Jail.The request to increase the Pharmacy budget reflects the increasing amount of pharmaceuticals and the increasing cost of pharmaceuticals ordered by the Pharmacist for Mental Health.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve supplemental budget.

20.               Purchase of Computer System for the Child Health and Disability Prevention Program.The Children's Medical Services Branch of the State Department of Health Services has approved our FY 2000-01 budget for the Child Health and Disability Prevention Program, Fund 1175, Budget Unit 418.This approved budget differs from the one adopted by the Board in FY 2000-01 budget process.The budget includes the purchase of one computer system.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve purchase.

21.               Subcontract for developing a report showing the negative impacts of smoking on Humboldt County residents and institutions.Fiscal Year 2000-2001, Fund 1175, Budget Unit 434.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve subcontract with Dan Chandler for developing report.

22.               Funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for Pollution Prevention Grant.The purpose of the EPA mini-grant program is to promote effective technical assistance to business by providing seed money for local governments to form partnerships with other media agencies.

RECOMMENDATION: Accept funding of $10,000.

23.               Contracts for the North Coast Project LEAN mini-grants for Fiscal Year 2000-2001, Budget Unit 436.On August 29, 2000 the Board approved a Master Grant Agreement contract with the State Department of Health Services.The Health Department's Project LEAN is funded with federal money from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture through California State Preventative Health Services.This project is designated to promote healthy eating and increase physical activity in the Northcoast region of California.The goal of the program is to reduce nutrition related chronic disease and improve quality of life.Specific goals include strengthening the nutrition knowledge and physical activity awareness of the general public-- having tight budgets and limited time.Awarding these three mini-grants will play an essential role in meeting the goals of this program.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve contracts with Manila Community Services District, Del Norte Unified School District and Redwood Empire Food Bank.

24.               Standard Agreement between State Department of Justice (DOJ) and Humboldt County Public Health Laboratory and a supplemental budget for Budget Unit 435 Public Health Lab.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve standard agreement with the State Department of Justice.

25.               Supplemental budget for Leaders Encouraging Activity and Nutrition (Project LEAN) Program. The Health Branch is requesting to supplement the Project LEAN program budget, Budget Unit #436, for FY 2000-01 in order to use funds received this fiscal year from educational video and cookbook sales.The video and cookbook were originally produced for staff to use in the North Coast Region of the California State Project LEAN; but people and agencies outside the area have expressed interest and orders have been received from across the nation.The price for the video and cookbook were set to recoup part of the production costs.The costs for reproducing the video and cookbook are covered by the Network Award federal grant.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve supplemental budget ($700) from video and cookbook sales.

Health and Human Services - Social Services Branch

26.               Report on the Winter 2000-2001 Shelter.The Winter Shelter was open from December 1, 2000 through March 31, 2001 under a contract between Humboldt County and Alcohol Drug Care Services, Inc.The report contains additional statistics on this year's shelter.It is anticipated the County will again operate a Winter Shelter in Winter 2001-2002.The City of Eureka plans for the Multiple Assistance Center to be open by Winter 2002-2003.

RECOMMENDATION: Receive and file report.

27.               Donation of 2001 Chevrolet Tracker 4x4 to County Motor Pool.The Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services has purchased a 2001 Chevrolet 4x4 for use by staff of the Social Services Branch.The Department wants to donate the vehicle to the County Motor Pool for capitalization and maintenance and so the vehicle may be covered by insurance; this requires a Board Order.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve donation for capitalization and maintenance purposes.

28.               Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services, Social Services Branch California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids program agreement for Fiscal Year 2001/2002 with the Employment Development Department.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve agreement with the Employment Development Department.

Library Services

29.               Debra Hill--correction to Personnel Action of April 24, 2001; No. C-19.This request is to correct an error in Agenda Item C-19 of the Board meeting of April 24, 2001.Ms. Hill is being paid to work on two complementary grant projects.One grant ends in June and the other continues to end of September.Section C of the recommendation as adopted on April 24, 2001 did not properly state the change from 20 hours per week ending March 5, 2001 to 30 hours per week beginning March 6, 2001 and then changing back to 20 hours effective June 23, 2001.Amending the agenda item Section C and adding Section D corrects that error.

RECOMMENDATION: Correct previous Board Order as recommended by the Personnel Director.

30.               State Grant awards from California State Library.The library received a grant for $50,000 from the California State Library and a grant for $7,500 from the Library of California for the purpose of library automation.These funds will be directly applied to the costs of purchasing and installing the software and hardware for the library's new computer system.†† A complete report detailing the new automation system and the challenge grant campaign will be presented to the Board later in June.Grant awards must be claimed now to ensure fund availability for the project time line.

RECOMMENDATION: Accept grants from the California State Library and the Library of California.

Public Guardian

31.               Agreement between Del Norte County Mental Health and Humboldt County Public Guardian for Fiscal Year 2001-02.This department has contracted annually with Del Norte County Mental Health to provide for services as the LPS Conservator for residents of said County.Services include investigations, court trials and monitoring of persons with a mental illness.The conservatorship services will be provided at a cost of $24,000.00.This is based on approximately eighteen conservatorship cases.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve agreement with Del Norte Mental Health Department.

Public Works

32.               Services agreements for North Hammond tract and South Hammond tract monument preservation fund surveys.

RECOMMENDATION: Award North Hammond tract services agreements to Kelly-O'Hern Associates.Award South Hammond tract services agreement to Hunt Surveying and Forestry.

33.               Award of Contract for Rehabilitation and widening on Elk River Road (F3j300), pm 0.45 to 1.63. Project No. RPL-5904 (035) Contract No. 990707.On June 6, 2000 the Board authorized the Clerk of the Board to advertise the above mentioned project for bids.On June 27, 2000 the County received bids for the project.

RECOMMENDATION: Award contract to Parnum Paving Inc.

34.               Request to declare nine vehicles as surplus and authorize disposition by Purchasing.Nine patrol vehicles have been examined by the Equipment Superintendent and found to be in need of replacement.The numbers of the vehicles to be replaced are:07127, 07135, 07140, 07141, 07146, 07150, 07151, 07152 and 07156.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve requests and deposit sales revenue in Motor Pool Fund.

35.               Construction of storm damage repairs to Wilder Ridge Road (C5B010) at PM 6.05 and Landergen Road (4C100), FEMA Disaster No. 1203, DSR 50583, Contract No. 980053.The project will provide for the repair of Wilder Ridge Road and Landergen Road associated with the storm damage in 1998.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve plans and specifications and hold big opening on June 26, 2001.

36.               Transfer from contingencies for Courthouse Landscape Project and Courthouse Remodel Architectural Agreement.The Board has authorized the Landscape Project to be advertised for bid two times; both times the bids were rejected because they were over budget.The plans and specifications have been modified to reduce the cost and the Project is anticipated to be awarded through an informal bid process.On May 15, 2001 the Board executed an agreement with Beverly Prior Architects for the renovation and remodel of the Courthouse.The agreement was for $308, 000 plus a potential additional $52,000 design contingency allowance.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve the transfers.

37.               Summary vacation of a County public service easement Werner Subdivision McKinleyville, CA

RECOMMENDATION: Approve the summary vacation by adopting Resolution No. 01-43.

38.               Award of contract for ramp extension and taxiway paving at Arcata Airport.On March 20, 2001 the Board authorized the Clerk of the Board to advertise the above mentioned project for bids.

RECOMMENDATION: Award the project to W. Jaxon Baker, Inc.

39.               Construction of Overlay paving on Oak Street, Avalon Drive and Hospital Road

RECOMMENDATION: Pull from agenda.

40.               Amendment to lease agreement with Horizon Air Industries, Inc. for new parking requirements and landing fees for Arcata/Eureka Airport terminal.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve amendment to lease agreement with Horizon Air Industries, Inc.

41.               Camino Way Subdivision for JLF Construction, Inc.; APN 511-421-06, McKinleyville area

RECOMMENDATION: Declare subdivision agreement as complete and authorize release of security.

42.               Status of Trinity River Technical Advisory Committee.The new Trinity River Working Group met again May 15, 2001 at 10 a.m. in Weaverville.A pre-meeting conference call occurred on May 1, 2001 at 1:00 p.m. to develop guidelines to determine the critical needs of the mainstem and South Fork Trinity so that various projects and cost estimates can be developed at the May 15th meeting.

RECOMMENDATION: Receive report.


43.               Acceptance of a hog pen for use by the SWAP program at the County farm.Mr. Jim Taylor, a private citizen and owner of Taylor Livestock Farms, has kindly offered to donate a portable hog pen to SWAP's hog farm operation.The approximate value of the pen is $2,000.The addition of a pen will allow to free up the isolation pens for sick or injured hogs which in times of overcrowding are used as housing pens.

RECOMMENDATION: Accept donation for use by Sheriff's Work Alternative Program hog farm project.

D.                  DEPARTMENT REPORTS

Public Works

1.                   Contract Change Orders over $10,000 (None)

2.                   Award of contract for overlay paving on Redwood Drive and Redway Drive Contract No. 990701.On May 8, 2001, the Board authorized the Clerk of the Board to advertise the above mentioned project for bids.On May 29, 2001 the County received bids for the project.

RECOMMENDATION: Award contract to Mercer Fraser Company of Eureka.


3.                   Humboldt County's Financial Statements for Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2000.Bartig, Basler & Ray, CPAs have completed their audit of the County of Humboldt's financial statements for the Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2000 and have issued their report.The report includes the County's financial statements, federal financial assistance programs and management comments.Copies will be sent to appropriate federal and state agencies in conformance with the Federal Single Audit Act.Neil F. Prince, Auditor-Controller, will briefly review the report with the Board and respond to any questions or provide additional information requested by Board members.

RECOMMENDATION: Receive and file the audit report of Bartig, Basler and Ray CPAs.

Clerk of the Board

4.                   Appointment to the Orick Design Control Committee.Affirm the existence of the committee and its current membership.Appoint one member to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Gloria Zuber.The applicants are Marcele C. Allen, Kimberly Hufford and Judith D. Schmidt.

RECOMMENDATION: Affirm existence of committee and appoint Kimberly Hufford.


1.                   Reports on Board Member Travel at County cost and meeting attendance.(No Action)

2.                   Potential or proposed Big Box retail development in Humboldt County (No Report)


Time Certain 1 10:00 A.M.

1.                   Presentation from Chambers of Commerce regarding expenditure of Transient Occupancy Tax.Last year Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce received $7,500.00 in Transient Occupancy Tax, McKinleyville Chamber of Commerce received $5,000.00 and Arcata received $5,000.00.Each Chamber will present to the Board how the funds were expended and improvements made.

RECOMMENDATION: Hear the presentation.

G.                 CLOSED SESSION

1.                   Report from prior Closed Session.(if required)

2.                   Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6.Review County's position and instruct designated representatives with respect to the various forms of compensation provided to County's represented and unrepresented employees.(if required)

3.                   Report on pending or threatened litigation pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9. (if required)

4.                   It is the Board of Supervisors intention to meet in Closed Session to consider Public Employee Performance Evaluation for position of Clerk of the Board pursuant to Government Code Section 54954.5.(Reschedule for the meeting of June 12, 2001.)

5.                   Conference with Legal Counsel--Anticipated litigation pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9(b) (Three Cases)(No final action taken.)

6.                   Conference with Legal Counsel--initiation of litigation pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9(c); (Two cases)(One case continued to June 12, 2001; the other case had no final action taken.)

H.                  PUBLIC APPEARANCES--9:05 A.M.

This 15-minute portion of the meeting is reserved for persons desiring to address the Board on any matter not on this agenda that is under the jurisdiction of the Board. It is requested that speakers sign the sheet at the front doors of the Chamber.


1.                   Brian Finck and Marilyn Oberg expressed concerns about the proposed construction of a Walgreens at the corner of Harrison Avenue and Harris Street in Eureka.Kirk Girard, Director of Humboldt County Community Development Services, explained the application and notification process.

I.                     ADJOURNMENT

Persons wishing to file documentation on any agenda item for the official record must submit an original and nine (9) copies of each document to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Room 111 of the County Courthouse, 825 5th Street in Eureka (476-2384). Documentation includes, but is not limited to, written correspondence, audio and video tapes, maps, photographs, and petitions. Failure to submit the required number of copies will result in the document/s not being placed in the official record. (Per Board of Supervisors' policy adopted on March 21, 1995.)

The Chamber is wheelchair accessible, and disabled parking is available in the lot on K Street, between Fourth and Fifth Streets.  If you are a person with a disability, and you need disability-related modifications or accommodations to participate in this meeting, please contact the Clerk of the Board at (707) 476-2384, or (707) 445-7299 (fax).  Requests for such modifications or accommodations must be made at least two full business days before the start of the meeting.