9:00 AM


A.                  OPENING CEREMONIES

1.                   Salute to the Flag.

2.                   Invocation by the Reverend Andy Broese Van Groenou Senior Pastor of the Harvest Church in Eureka.


1.                   County Administrative Officer Employment Agreement.It is recommended that the Employment Agreement be executed setting forth the terms under which Loretta Nickolaus will serve as County Administrative Officer.An Employment Agreement has been negotiated with Ms. Nickolaus and is presented for your consideration.The salary and benefit package is essentially the same as is currently in place for the CAO position.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve request and authorize Chair to sign Employment Agreement.

C.                  CONSENT CALENDAR

These matters are routine in nature and are usually approved by a single vote. Prior to the meeting, any member of the public may request any member of the Board to pull a particular item for further discussion.

Board of Supervisors

1.                   Letter to Senator Chesbro and Assemblywoman Strom-Martin urging attendance at Sudden Oak Death Summit.Sudden Oak Death has exploded as a multifaceted threat to the landscape and ecosystems of Northern California.We are facing tremendous competition in the quest for funding to save our environment and economy from this disease.We need our representatives to persuade their colleagues to support the requests of California counties for funds for research management and prevention of the spread of Sudden Oak Death.The Summit will provide information needed for that task. (Supervisor Woolley)

RECOMMENDATION: Authorize the Chair to sign letters to Senator Wesley Chesbro and Assemblywoman Virginia Strom-Martin.

2.                   Letter of support South Fork High School Humboldt Del-Norte Cross Country Meets.The South Fork High School Cross Country Team will hold county wide cross country meets in Weott on October 17 and November 1, 2001.Cal Trans requires a letter of support from the Board for the use of Newton Road and Weott Heights Road, Weott for the meets. (Supervisor Rodoni)

RECOMMENDATION: Authorize the Chair to sign letter of support.

Clerk of the Board

3.                   Reappointments to the Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board

RECOMMENDATION: Reappoint Mr. Tom Harkins and Ms. Carmen Lopez with terms to expire on June 30, 2004.

4.                   Reappointments to the Humboldt County Resource Conservation District (HCRCD)

RECOMMENDATION: Reappoint Earl Ambrosini, Bernard Bush, and Sterling McWhorter with terms to expire in November 2004.

5.                   Approval of the Board Orders from the meeting of September 25, 2001.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve the Board Orders.

Community Development Services

6.                   Assignment of Trust Fund numbers for new Grants received by Community Development Department.The County of Humboldt Community Development Services Economic Development Division is requesting new fund numbers to facilitate tracking of the recently received grants.All of the above grants received from the State of California require that funds generated and expended be tracked separately.All grants were included in this year's fiscal budget.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve request.

7.                   Miller Lot Line adjustment and Joint Timber Management Plan and guide; Willow Creek area File No. APN 316-064-08; Case No: LLA-44-97M.The applicant has applied and received conditional approval for a modification to a Lot Line Adjustment between three parcels for the purpose of allowing applicant to retain fee ownership of Cedar Ed Road.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve lot line adjustment and joint timber management plan and guide.

Cooperative Extension

8.                   Supplemental Budget Request of $405.67 (Del Norte Farm Advisor Expense).Del Norte County has received reimbursements from their Sea Grant Program for phone calls on the bills paid through Humboldt County in the amount of $405.67 to date.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve supplemental budget.

County Administrative Office

9.                   Gift from Skywest Airlines.Skywest Airlines at Arcata-Eureka Airport has notified Dan Horton, County Airport Manager that they have replaced their baggage x-ray machine and inquired if the County has an interest in the used equipment.Based on the development of a security plan for the Courthouse. Risk Management coordinated with the Sheriff's Department Security to determine if we could use the equipment.The donated equipment will meet our needs and provide a backup to the current equipment.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve request and recognize and thank Skywest Airlines for the gift.

10.               Correction to position allocations for Mental Health Budget Unit 424.Due to a clerical error during the budget process 3.0 FTE Mental Health Case Manager I/II positions (class 0907) and 1.0 FTE Physician/Psychiatrist (class 0937) in Budget Unit 424 Mental Health were disallocated.These positions should have been included in the final Position Allocation Table for Budget Year 2001-02.The action corrects the clerical error and restores the positions as originally budgeted and allocated.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve an increase from 50.50 FTE to 53.50 FTE Mental Health Case Manager I/II (class 0907) in Budget Unit 424, Mental Health.Approve an increase from 7.0 FTE to 8.0 FTE Physician/Psychiatrist (class 0937) in Budget Unit 424, Mental Health.

11.               Transfer from contingency to purchase computer equipment for Revenue Recovery (4/5 vote).Revenue Recovery is in need of two new computers and a laser printer.An individual has been hired to fill the second position in the department which has been vacant for more than one year.The computer which that employee was to use has ceased working completely.Funds to purchase this equipment were identified in the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2001 but due to the staff shortage the purchase did not take place and those unexpended funds reverted to the fund balance forward for the new budget year.New computer equipment is needed in order for the department to function efficiently.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve purchase by transferring $3,200 from the Contingency Fund.

Health and Human Services - Mental Health Branch

12.               Appointments to the Mental Health Board.At their regular meeting of June 20, 2001, the Humboldt County Mental Health Board unanimously recommended that the Board appoint Shelley Mitchell and Lea Nagy to the Mental Health Board.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve request.

13.               Amendment to the Fiscal Years 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 agreement with Remi Vista Inc. (Eureka) for Therapeutic Behavioral Services for Medi-Cal beneficiaries.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve amended agreement.

14.               Approval of Service Agreement with Remi Vista Inc. (Redding) for therapeutic behavioral services for Medi-Cal beneficiaries for Fiscal Year 2001-2002.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve amended agreement.

15.               Disallocate 1.00 FTE Psychiatric Nurse allocate .50 FTE Psychiatric Nurse and .60 FTE Psychiatric Nurse.The Mental Health Branch of the Department of Health & Human Services budgeted this Psychiatric Nurse position for FY 2001/2002 to be filled as a 1.00 FTE.Upon further analysis of the needs of the Crisis Unit and outcome of the two recent recruitment efforts it has been decided that the variable night shifts would be better split into two separate positions to be more attractive to candidates.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve request.

16.               Approval of contract with Community-Based specialty Mental Health provider for managed mental health care for Medi-Cal beneficiaries for Fiscal Years 2001-2002.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve contract.

Health and Human Services - Public Health Branch

17.               Service Agreement from Area Agency on Aging in the amount of $2,000 for BU#417 Preventive Health Care for the Aging (PHCA) for FY 2001/2002.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve and accept the service agreement award.

18.               Receive report regarding the distribution of Federal Title V funds to States.The Federal Title V Block Grant distributes funds to the States to support the delivery of preventive health services to children and families in local communities.The General Accounting Office submitted a report entitled "Maternal and Child Health Block Grant Funds Should be Distributed More Equitably" to the Senate's Chair of the Committee on Finance in 1992.Nearly 19% of the nation's low income children live in California, yet California receives only 5.8% of Title V funds.The request before the Board today is to send a letter to Rep. Thompson, Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer requesting their support in recalculating the formula for distributing Title V funds to the States.

RECOMMENDATION: Authorize the Chairman to sign letters.

19.               Subcontract for HIV High Risk Initiative--People of Color for Fiscal Year (FY) 2001-2002, Budget Unit #446

RECOMMENDATION: Approve subcontract with the United Indian Health Services.

20.               Request to increase compensation for Kevin Metcalfe, Senior Environmental Health Specialist.The Supervising Environmental Health Specialist position in BU#406, Environmental Health, has been vacant since the resignation of Harry Nethery on August 24, 2001.Kevin Metcalfe assumed the responsibility for that position on August 27, 2001 and will continue performing the required duties until a replacement for Mr. Nethery is hired.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve request with an effective date of September 24, 2001.

21.               Contract to review Risk Management Plans for Hazardous Materials Facilities exceeding State and Federal threshold quantities of certain hazardous materials

RECOMMENDATION: Reschedule for the meeting of October 16, 2001.

22.               Subcontracts with Redwood Community Action Agency's Youth Services Bureau for HIV High Risk Initiative--Youth, Budget Unit #443, and for neighborhood Intervention geared to High-Risk Testing (NIGHT), Budget Unit #442, for Fiscal Year (FY) 2001-2002.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve subcontracts.

Health and Human Services - Social Services Branch

23.               Agreements with American Star Corporation.For some years, Humboldt County has contracted for Security Guard/Transport services with American Star Private Security (now known as American Star Corporation) for mental health and social services.American Star is currently under court-ordered receivership; William F. Honsal is the court-appointed receiver.American Star is able to provide both regular and emergency services.DHHS recommends that the Board approve two limited term agreements with American Star.During the six-month term of the agreements, DHHS staff will prepare with the Risk Manager and County Counsel a Request for Proposals for Security Guard/Transport Services for the entire department.Following Board approval, DHHS will distribute the RFP to local guard agencies soliciting proposals; evaluate the proposals received; return to the Board for approval of a contract with the selected guard agency.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve agreement

Library Services

24.               Request to authorize County Librarian to assist the City of Trinidad in preparing and submitting a grant application for the construction of a new Library in Trinidad.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve request and authorize Chair to sign MOU.

Public Works

25.               Adoption of 2001/2002 goal for disadvantaged business enterprises.The DBE goal for 2000/2001 was 14.1% and the proposed goal for 2001/2002 is 19.5%.This action will conclude the establishment of the 2001/2002 federal Fiscal Year DBE goal.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve request.

26.               Hewitt Ranch Subdivision Unit 2, APN 509-021-77 McKinleyville Area.On June 3, 1993 the Planning Commission issued tentative approval for 3 unit development of the subdivision of a 66 acre parcel into 58 lots.The developer for this project, Mark Rynearson has now completed the 3 phases.The developer desires to enter into a subdivision agreement to delay the completion of the required improvements and record the subdivision map for Unit 2.The subdivision agreement has been approved to form by County Counsel and the Risk Manager.

RECOMMENDATION: Accept the subdivision map for recordation.


1.                   Resolution and certificates of commendations Teen Court trainers, mentors and/or Board members.The Board commends Judge Christopher Wilson, Teen Court Supervising Judge and the Humboldt County Bar Association members who have volunteered their time and expertise to the guidance and support of the participating students.The Board will present a Certificate of Special Recognition to Judge Wilson, as well a Certificates of Commendation to Hilda Ranton and Maureen Johannsen for initiating and facilitating the implementation of Teen Court.(Supervisor Smith)

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt resolution and present certificates.

2.                   Proclamation October is Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month.Gail Pascoe, Executive Director, Making Headway, Inc. has requested the Board of Supervisors declare October as Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month. (Supervisor Smith)

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt proclamation.

3.                   Proclamation October is Methamphetamine Awareness and Recovery Month.The Board proclaims October 2001 as Methamphetamine Awareness and Recovery Month and challenges all Humboldt County citizens, businesses and organizations to learn the facts about methamphetamine and to get active in their individual community's work to eliminate methamphetamine from Humboldt County. (Supervisor Smith)

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt proclamation.

4.                   Proclamation October 2001 is Domestic Violence Prevention Month.The Health and Human Services Department's Public Health Branch requests the Board to proclaim October 2001 as Domestic Violence Prevention Month.The Board urges all citizens to actively participate in working toward the elimination of personal and institutional violence against all people. (Supervisor Neely)

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt proclamation.

5.                   Proclamation October 8-12, 2001 as Community Access Awareness Week.The Eureka Chamber of Commerce has requested the Board proclaim October 8-12, 2001 as Community Access Awareness Week urging the support and participation of the community in the effort of removing access barriers for the disabled community. (Supervisor Neely)

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt the proclamation.

6.                   Resolution of commendation for John Murray, County Administrative Officer, upon his retirement.After 28 years of service to the County John Murray is retiring.The Board wishes to express its appreciation and heartfelt thanks to him for his contributions to the community and wishes him well in his retirement. (Supervisor Woolley)

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt resolution.

E.                  DEPARTMENT REPORTS

Public Works

1.                   Change Orders over $10,000 on Public Works projects. (None)

2.                   Advertisement or award--Public Works projects.(None)

3.                   Letter of comment on CalTrans California Transportation Plan 2025.CalTrans is developing a 20 year Transportation plan based on the outline.This is our first opportunity to comment.When the draft plan is completed we will have additional chances for participation.

RECOMMENDATION: Authorize Chair to sign letter of comment.

County Administrative Office

4.                   Regional Council of Rural Counties (RCRC).At the present time the County is a member of the California State Association of Counties and employs the services of Don Peterson to advocate for our views in Sacramento.The new President/CEO of RCRC has indicated that if we are interested in membership that he would be available to discuss their organization at one of our meetings.

RECOMMENDATION: Hear presentation by RCRC President on November 6, 2001 to discuss the possibility of Humboldt County membership in the RCRC.


1.                   Reports on Board member travel at County cost and meeting attendance.(No action)

2.                   Potential or proposed Big Box retail development in Humboldt County.(No report)


Time Certain 19:45 A.M.

1.                   Progress report on Multiple Assistance Center and award of $50,000 for the project.Simone Taylor, Director of Family Services, Redwood Community Action Agency will report on the progress of the Multiple Assistance Center.Wendy Rowan, Director of Humboldt County Children and Families Commission will present $50,000 to Redwood Community Action Agency to create and furnish the Children's Space in the Multiple Assistance Center.(Supervisor Neely)

RECOMMENDATION: Hear the report.

Time Certain 211:30 A.M.

2.                   Courthouse Remodel.The County portion of the project allows the consolidation of the two offices of County Counsel into one and the ability to move the District Attorney investigators into the main District Attorney office space.Space for the Drug Court will be expanded so they can better perform the new duties required.

RECOMMENDATION: Direct staff to continue with the design, to investigate additional funding methods, update the Board as cost estimates are revised, give assurances that revenues will be available and to report back to the Board on what will occur "floor by floor."

H.                  CLOSED SESSION

1.                   Report from prior Closed Session.(None)

2.                   Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6 for the purpose of reviewing the County's position and instructing its designated representatives with respect to the various forms of compensation provided to the County's represented and unrepresented employees.(None)

3.                   Report on pending or threatened litigation pursuant to Govt. Code Section 54956.9.(None)

4.                   Conference with legal counsel; anticipated litigation pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9; significant exposure to litigation. (One case) (Withdrawn)

5.                   Conference with legal counsel; initiation of litigation pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9(c); (One Case) (Withdrawn)

6.                   Consider Public Employee appointment for the position of Interim County Administrative Officer pursuant to Government Code Section 54954.5 (appoint Karen Suiker as interim CAO)

I.                     PUBLIC APPEARANCES--9:05 A.M.

This 15-minute portion of the meeting is reserved for persons desiring to address the Board on any matter not on this agenda that is under the jurisdiction of the Board. It is requested that speakers sign the sheet at the front doors of the Chamber.


1.                   Jack Noble encouraged the Board members to go out into their districts and individually talk to people about timber industry issues.

J.                   PUBLIC HEARINGS1:30 P.M.

Community Development Services

1.                   Resolution authorizing submission of a HOME Program Grant application to the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development for an Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt Resolution No. 01-82.

K.                  ADJOURNMENT

Any written materials related to an item on this agenda submitted to the Board of Supervisors less than 72 hours prior to the Board meeting, and that are public records subject to the Public Records Act, are available for public inspection in the Office of the Clerk of the Board at 825 5th Street, Suite 111, Eureka (476-2384), during normal business hours.

Persons wishing to file documentation on any agenda item for the official record must submit an original and nine (9) copies of each document to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Room 111 of the County Courthouse, 825 5th Street in Eureka (476-2384). Documentation includes, but is not limited to, written correspondence, audio and video tapes, maps, photographs, and petitions. Failure to submit the required number of copies will result in the document/s not being placed in the official record. (Per Board of Supervisors' policy adopted on March 21, 1995.)

The Chamber is wheelchair accessible, and disabled parking is available in the lot on K Street, between Fourth and Fifth Streets.  If you are a person with a disability, and you need disability-related modifications or accommodations to participate in this meeting, please contact the Clerk of the Board at (707) 476-2384, or (707) 445-7299 (fax).  Requests for such modifications or accommodations must be made at least two full business days before the start of the meeting.