TUESDAY, JULY 16, 2002

9:00 AM


A.                  OPENING CEREMONIES

1.                   Salute to the Flag.

2.                   Moment of Reflection.


1.                   Resolutions of commendations for Sheriff's Department retirees (Supervisor Kirk)

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt commendation for Bob Craddock and Chris Thiel.

C.                  CONSENT CALENDAR

These matters are routine in nature and are usually approved by a single vote. Prior to the meeting, any member of the public may request any member of the Board to pull a particular item for further discussion.

Agricultural Commissioner

1.                   Funding for Humboldt County's Weed Management Area

RECOMMENDATION: Approve agreement with the State Department of Food and Agriculture.

2.                   Pesticide enforcement activities related to issuance/evaluation of restricted materials permits, follow-up review of Notices of Intent, pre-application site inspections and use reporting.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve funding agreement with the State Department of Pesticide Regulation.

Board of Supervisors

3.                   Continuation of emergency transmission of disease through contaminated needle use.(Supervisor Neely)

RECOMMENDATION: Extend local state of emergency through August 6, 2002.

4.                   Resolution of support regarding importance of fiber optics to Humboldt County. (Supervisor Neely)

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt Resolution No. 02-66.

Child Support Services

5.                   Transfer of $2,650 for the purchase of a digital camera (video and still)

RECOMMENDATION: Approve transfer and purchase for the benefit of outreach activities.

Clerk of the Board

6.                   Approval of the Board Orders from the meeting of June 11, 2002.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve the Board Orders.

7.                   Resolution from the Blue Lake City Council requesting consolidation of its General Municipal Election with the Statewide General Election occurring on November 5, 2002.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve request as conditioned.

8.                   Resolutions from the Eureka City Council requesting consolidation of General Municipal Election with the statewide General Election occurring on November 5, 2002.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve request as conditioned.

County Administrative Office

9.                   Agreement with California Service Bureau for Revenue Recovery Services

RECOMMENDATION: Approve agreement.

Health and Human Services - Public Health Branch

10.               Purchase of a Fixed Asset, a new pipette calibrator, Fund 1175 BU #435 Public Health Laboratory.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve purchase ($6,650)

11.               Cooperative Fire Protection Services Agreement, Schedule A Amador Plan, with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and the County, Budget Unit 434, Outside Agency Support.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve agreement with the California Department of Forestry.

12.               Contract with the Department of Health Services for Chlamydia Awareness and Prevention for BU #422, Clinic Services for FY 2002/2003, Fund 1175, Public Health

RECOMMENDATION: Approve contract with the State Department of Health Services.


13.               Request for temporary increase in compensation for Juvenile Corrections Officer Stephani Duxbury.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve temporary increase due to supervisor on medical leave.

Public Works

14.               Construction of culvert replacement at Briceland-Thorne Road (C5A010) at PM 7.24, Agreement No. P0010563, Contract No. 200311 (Department of Fish and Game, California Coastal Salmon Recovery Program)

RECOMMENDATION: Approve plans and specifications and open bids on August 13, 2002.

15.               Wendt Final Map Subdivision APN 200-191-35 Fortuna Area

RECOMMENDATION: Accept subdivision map for recording.

Treasurer-Tax Collector

16.               Resolution of declaration of official intent of Humboldt County to reimburse certain expenditures from proceeds of indebtedness.

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt Resolution No. 02-67

17.               Continuation of temporary increase in compensation for supervising Tax Collector, Velma Thiel and Treasury and Tax Assistant Lenora Viggers.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve the continuation of the temporary increases.

Veterans Services Office

18.               Participation in Medi-Cal Cost Avoidance Program and Subvention Program.

RECOMMENDATION: Declare Humboldt County's intention to participate in said programs.


1.                   Monda Hall's retirement from the County Assessor's Office (Supervisor Smith)

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt resolution of commendation.

2.                   Proclamation Probation, Parole and Community Supervision Week (Supervisor Neely)

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt proclamation for week of July 14-20, 2002.

E.                  DEPARTMENT REPORTS

Community Development Services

1.                   Resolution authorizing twenty-percent (20%) expansion of the Eureka Enterprise Zone.

RECOMMENDATION: Continue to August 6, 2002.

Public Works

2.                   Standing Item for Change Orders over $10,000 on Public Works Projects.(Not required)

3.                   Award of Contract for Construction of Central Avenue Widening and Overlay, Project RPL 5904 (051), Contract No. 200704.

RECOMMENDATION: Award contract for Central Avenue overlay to Granite Construction Company.

County Administrative Office

4.                   Standing item for weekly update on State and Local budget situation.(No action)

Clerk of the Board

5.                   Appointment to the Airport Advisory Committee

RECOMMENDATION: Appoint Mr. Anthony B. Howard to the At-Large vacancy.


1.                   Reports on Board Member travel at County cost and meeting attendance.(No action)

2.                   Potential or proposed Big Box retail development in Humboldt County. (Not required)


Time Certain 19:30 AM Board of Supervisors

1.                   Presentation on coordinated effort with KIEM TV and Eureka High School students to advertise the importance of Arts in Education (Supervisor Neely)

RECOMMENDATION: Hear presentation from Katherine Almy of the Humboldt Arts Council.

H.                  CLOSED SESSION(No final action taken)

1.                   Conference with Legal Counsel--initiation of litigation pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9.(One case)

I.                     PUBLIC APPEARANCES--9:05 AM

This 15-minute portion of the meeting is reserved for persons desiring to address the Board on any matter not on this agenda that is under the jurisdiction of the Board. It is requested that speakers sign the sheet at the front doors of the Chamber.

1.                   Daniel Pierce addressed the Board on a variety of subjects.Bernie Herskovets introduced himself as the new manager of the local Social Security office.Larry Henderson introduced Kelly Remington as the new director of the Humboldt Taxpayers League.

J.                   PUBLIC HEARINGS1:30 PM

Community Development Services

1.                   Adoption of an updated Community Development Block Grant Program Income Reuse Plan

RECOMMENDATION: Approve request for adoption.

K.                  ADJOURNMENT

Persons wishing to file documentation on any agenda item for the official record must submit an original and nine (9) copies of each document to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Room 111 of the County Courthouse, 825 5th Street in Eureka (476-2384). Documentation includes, but is not limited to, written correspondence, audio and video tapes, maps, photographs, and petitions. Failure to submit the required number of copies will result in the document/s not being placed in the official record. (Per Board of Supervisors' policy adopted on March 21, 1995.)

The Chamber is wheelchair accessible, and disabled parking is available in the lot on K Street, between Fourth and Fifth Streets.  If you are a person with a disability, and you need disability-related modifications or accommodations to participate in this meeting, please contact the Clerk of the Board at (707) 476-2384, or (707) 445-7299 (fax).  Requests for such modifications or accommodations must be made at least two full business days before the start of the meeting.