9:00 AM


A.                  SALUTE TO THE FLAG

B.                  NON-AGENDA ITEM

1.                   Request to Consider Moving the December 19, 2000 Board of Supervisors Meeting to Monday, December 18 or Wednesday December 20 to Allow Attendance at Interior Secretary Babbitt's Announcement of Flow recommendations for the Trinity River December 18, 2000 date.

RECOMMENDATION: Tentatively approve the request for the Monday, December 18, 2000 date.

C.                  CONSENT CALENDAR

These matters are routine in nature and are usually approved by a single vote. Prior to the meeting, any member of the public may request any member of the Board to pull a particular item for further discussion.

Administrative Services

1.                   Certification of the November 7, 2000 Election Results

RECOMMENDATION: Approve certification as recommended by the Elections Division.

2.                   Garberville-Redway Tourist Information Booth Agreement ($28,000)--Fiscal Year 2000

RECOMMENDATION: Approve agreement with the Garberville--Redway Chamber of Commerce.

3.                   Increase Workweek from 37.5 Hours to 40 Hours Senior Property Agent

RECOMMENDATION: Transfer $5,271 from General Contingency to cover cost and overlap of two pay periods.


4.                   Miranda Community Services District (MCSD) Audit Schedule

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt policy that MCSD may schedule their audits on a two-year interval.

Board of Supervisors

5.                   Continuation of Emergency Transmission of Disease through Contaminated Needle Use (Supervisor Dixon)

RECOMMENDATION: Extend local state of emergency until December 19, 2000.

6.                   Humboldt County Fish and Game Advisory Commission's Recommendations for Grants of Fish and Game Monies (Supervisor Rodoni)

RECOMMENDATION: Allocate the following:Cooperative Salmon Culture Program ($1,200); Humboldt Wildlife Care Center Educational Program and Raptor Display ($2,500); Continued Development of Redwood Creek National Watershed Center ($2,000); Snowy Plover Monitoring ($3,00); and Humboldt Wildlife Care Center Rehab and Release Program ($2,224.94).

7.                   Resolution of Commendation for Rene Mahler's Retirement from Eureka Police Department (Supervisor Neely)

RECOMMENDATION: Approve Resolution.

8.                   Appointment to the Board for the National Association of Counties (Supervisor Kirk)

RECOMMENDATION: Appoint Supervisor Neely for 2001.

Clerk of the Board

9.                   Approval of the Board Orders from the Meeting of November 7, 2000

RECOMMENDATION: Approve the Board Orders.

10.               Approval of the Board Orders from the Meeting of November 14, 2000

RECOMMENDATION: Approve the Board Orders.

Community Development Services

11.               Airport Business Park; McKinleyville; File #511-042-08; Case #'s GPA 01-96 and ZR 8-95

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt Resolution Nos. 2000-96 and 2000-97 and Ordinance Nos. 2228 and 2229.

12.               Notice of Non-Renewal on a Portion of Schmook Agricultural Preserve; Garberville

RECOMMENDATION: Withdraw from agenda for administrative handling within CDS.

County Administrative Office

13.               Contract with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

RECOMMENDATION: Approve contract for fire protection and dispatch services and supplemental budget of $598.

14.               Merging Departments of Mental Health, Public Health and Social Services

RECOMMENDATION: Introduce ordinance and schedule for adoption at least thirty days away.

15.               Myers Flat Street Lights--Direction to the Department of Public Works

RECOMMENDATION: Instruct P G & E to turn off Myers Flat street lights except Nos. 4202 and 4205.

16.               Financial Audit of Probate Accounts Administered by the Coroner-Public Administrator for the Year Ended June 30, 2000 and Transfer of $9,500 from General Fund Contingencies

RECOMMENDATION: Secure services of David L. Moonie & Co. CPAs and approve transfer.

Health and Human Services - Mental Health Branch

17.               Agreement with Seventh Avenue Center for Long-Term Care for the Mentally Ill

RECOMMENDATION: Approve agreement.

18.               Agreements with San Jose Care and Guidance and Merced Manor for Fiscal Year 2000-2001

RECOMMENDATION: Approve agreements.

19.               Agreement for Services of Psychologist Otto Vanoni Ph.D.

RECOMMENDATION: Approve agreement.

20.               Service Agreement with St. Joseph Hospital for Inpatient Services

RECOMMENDATION: Approve agreement.

Health and Human Services - Public Health Branch

21.               Change in Workweek from 37.5 Hours to 40 Hours--Administrative Analyst II Position

RECOMMENDATION: Approve change in workweek for position currently held by Pamela Isaac.

22.               Supplemental Budget and Grant Agreement Between the Public Health Institute Project Leaders Encouraging Activity and Nutrition ($2,000)

RECOMMENDATION: Approve supplemental budget and grant agreement.

23.               Contract for County Medical Service Program Wellness and Prevention Grant Program

RECOMMENDATION: Approve contract with Dan Chandler.

Health and Human Services - Social Services Branch

24.               Allocation of Social Worker I/II/III Position

RECOMMENDATION: Approve allocation.

25.               Request to Reallocate Four Staff Services Analyst I Positions to Administrative Analyst I

RECOMMENDATION: Approve request.

26.               Request for Proposals for Child Abuse Prevention, Intervention and Treatment Program

RECOMMENDATION: Approve Request for Proposals and sample Agreement.

Library Services

27.               Transfer of $74,513 from General Fund Contingencies

RECOMMENDATION: Approve transfer to cover retirement costs of Judy Klapproth.


28.               Amendment to Memorandum of Understanding for Representation Units 1-4 (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) Regarding a Salary Adjustment for Correctional Officer Classifications

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt Resolution No. 2000-98.

29.               Revision of Ordinance Setting Compensation for the Board of Supervisors

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt Ordinance No. 2230.

30.               Authorizing an Amendment to the Contract with the Board of Administration of the California Public Employees' Retirement System

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt Ordinance No. 2231.


31.               Contract for Two Reserved Beds at Crystal Creek Regional Boy's Camp

RECOMMENDATION: Approve contract.

32.               Request to Disallocate a Legal Office Assistant (40 Hour) Position, and to Allocate a Legal Office Assistant (37-1/2 Hour) Position

RECOMMENDATION: Approve request.

Public Works

33.               Construction of Courthouse Landscaping Staircase and Disabled Parking Stalls

RECOMMENDATION: Reject the single bid received from RESCO Construction.

34.               Structural Modification to Prairie and Canyon Creek Bridges

RECOMMENDATION: Accept completed contract with Kernen Construction Company.

35.               Prohibition of Parking on West Side of Dows Prairie Road, Vicinity of Dows Prairie School

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt Ordinance No. 2232.

36.               Designation of Park Road at its intersection with Sutter Road as a Stop intersection

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt Ordinance No. 2233.

37.               Ordinance Relating to Handicapped Parking Space on Jersey Avenue Eureka Area

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt Ordinance No. 2234.

38.               Membership in For the Sake of the Salmon

RECOMMENDATION: Send letter to execute director requesting membership.

39.               Storm Damage Repairs to Mattole Road

RECOMMENDATION: Accept completed contract with R. Brown Construction Inc.

40.               Bay Meadows Subdivision Final Map; File No. 305-271-01; Humboldt Hill Area

RECOMMENDATION: Accept the subdivision map for recordation.

41.               Proposed acquisition of Property at 4566 Kjer Road, McKinleyville, CA Arcata/Eureka Airport Departure Zone Runway 32

RECOMMENDATION: Set date for public hearing for January 9, 2001 at 1:30 p.m. and direct Clerk of the Board to publish Notice of Public Hearing.

Risk Manager

42.               Claims Report for the Months of July, August and September 2000

RECOMMENDATION: Receive and file report.


43.               Increase of Fleet for Sheriff's Citizens on Patrol Crime Prevention Program

RECOMMENDATION: Increase fleet by one additional retired patrol car for insurance purposes.

Treasurer-Tax Collector

44.               Agreement to Purchase Tax-Defaulted Property

RECOMMENDATION: Approve Agreement.


1.                   Welcome Delegation from Kaiping No. 1 Middle School China (Supervisor Neely)

RECOMMENDATION: Informational only (no action required).

2.                   Proclamation the Year 2001 as International Year of Volunteers (Supervisor Woolley)

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt proclamation.

3.                   Resolution declaring National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month (Supervisor Neely)

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt proclamation for December 2000.

4.                   Introduction of Yana Valachovic New Forestry Advisor (Cooperative Extension)

RECOMMENDATION: Informational only (no action required).

E.                  DEPARTMENT REPORTS

Public Works

1.                   Change Orders Over $10,000 on Public Works Projects (None)

2.                   Advertisement or Award of Public Works Projects (None)

3.                   Management of County Park Beaches--Public Access and Western Snowy Plovers

RECOMMENDATION: Hold additional meetings to seek public input on the problem of take occurring to the listed Western Snowy Plover from activities permitted on County beaches by current regulations.Transfer $1,000 from Contingencies to the Parks and Recreation Budget.

County Administrative Office

4.                   Appointments to the Board of Trustees of the Law Library

RECOMMENDATION: Appoint Glenn Brown, James Steinberg, Terry Farmer and Tamara C. Falor.


1.                   Report on June 16, 2000 Alcohol and Drug Summit (Supervisor Kirk)

RECOMMENDATION: Hear report from Dr. Ann Lindsay.

2.                   Revised Bylaws of the Whole Child Interagency Council (Supervisor Woolley)

RECOMMENDATION: Approve revised bylaws, post Council vacancy and make appointments as recommended.

3.                   Reports on Board Member Travel at County Cost and Meeting Attendance (No Action)

4.                   Potential or Proposed Big Box Retail Development in Humboldt County (None)


10:00 a.m. District Attorney

1.                   Annual Report from the Child Abuse Services Team

RECOMMENDATION: Receive annual report.

10:10 a.m. Board of Supervisors

2.                   Annual Report from the Commission on the Status of Women (Supervisor Rodoni)

RECOMMENDATION: Receive annual report.

10:30 a.m. Health & Human Services Public Health

3.                   Grant with Office of Traffic Safety, the County and the California Department of Forestry

RECOMMENDATION: Hear presentation by a representative from the Department of Forestry.

H.                  CLOSED SESSION(None)

I.                     PUBLIC APPEARANCES--9:05 A.M.

This 15-minute portion of the meeting is reserved for persons desiring to address the Board on any matter not on this agenda that is under the jurisdiction of the Board. It is requested that speakers sign the sheet at the front doors of the Chamber.


1.                   Craig Anthony representing the Pacific Lumber Company thanked the Sheriff's Department for help received during recent protests.He also submitted the attached documents for placement in the official record.


Community Assistant Unit

1.                   Humboldt County vs. Knust; Assessor's Parcel No. 223-241-006

RECOMMENDATION: Find that public nuisance exists and order property owner to abate same as stipulated.

K.                  PUBLIC HEARINGS

Community Development Services

1.                   Edsall Zone Boundary Adjustment; Kneeland; File No. 314-212-08; Case No. ZR-00-02

RECOMMENDATION: Approve adjustment by adopting Ordinance No. 2235.

County Administrative Office

2.                   2001 Update of the Humboldt County Schedule of Fees and Charges

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt Ordinance No. 2236.Close Public Hearing on fee charges related to the Law Library and temporary food facilities.

L.                   OPTIONAL ITEM

1.                   Check Registers Covering Disbursements Made During the Month of October 2000

RECOMMENDATION: In accordance with Resolution #1024 there are herewith submitted check registers covering disbursements made during the month of October 2000.

M.                 ADJOURNMENT

Any written materials related to an item on this agenda submitted to the Board of Supervisors less than 72 hours prior to the Board meeting, and that are public records subject to the Public Records Act, are available for public inspection in the Office of the Clerk of the Board at 825 5th Street, Suite 111, Eureka (476-2384), during normal business hours.

Persons wishing to file documentation on any agenda item for the official record must submit an original and nine (9) copies of each document to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Room 111 of the County Courthouse, 825 5th Street in Eureka (476-2384). Documentation includes, but is not limited to, written correspondence, audio and video tapes, maps, photographs, and petitions. Failure to submit the required number of copies will result in the document/s not being placed in the official record. (Per Board of Supervisors' policy adopted on March 21, 1995.)

The Chamber is wheelchair accessible, and disabled parking is available in the lot on K Street, between Fourth and Fifth Streets.  If you are a person with a disability, and you need disability-related modifications or accommodations to participate in this meeting, please contact the Clerk of the Board at (707) 476-2384, or (707) 445-7299 (fax).  Requests for such modifications or accommodations must be made at least two full business days before the start of the meeting.