9:00 AM


A.                  SALUTE TO THE FLAG


1.                   Resolution in Support of Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) Act (Supervisor Sparks)

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt Resolution No. 92-12.

C.                  SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS (None)

D.                  CONSENT CALENDAR

These matters are routine in nature and are usually approved by a single vote. Prior to the meeting, any member of the public may request any member of the Board to pull a particular item for further discussion.

Administrative Office (CAO)

1.                   Trial Court Funding--Resolution Opting in for Fiscal Year 1993-94

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt Resolution No. 93-13.


2.                   Supplemental Budget for Mental Health in the Amount of $130,000

RECOMMENDATION: Approve supplemental budget.

Board of Supervisors

3.                   Proclamation Declaring the Month of February as Safe Driving Month (Supervisor Fulkerson)

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt proclamation.


4.                   Application for Continued Funding of Adolescent Family Life Program

RECOMMENDATION: Authorize Chair to sign application.

Library Services

5.                   Library Services and Construction Act Grant of $5,000 for Books and Programming at the Trinidad Branch Library



6.                   Refund of Application Fees to Eula M. Ruby

RECOMMENDATION: Approve refund in the amount of $716.

Public Works

7.                   Amendment to Lease with John Braun for the Victim Witness Program

RECOMMENDATION: Authorize Chair to execute amendment.

8.                   Lease Agreement for Hertz Car Rental Agency at the Arcata-Eureka Airport

RECOMMENDATION: Authorize Chair to execute lease.

9.                   Lease Agreement for Thomas J. McNulty dba National Car Rental Agency at the Arcata-Eureka Airport

RECOMMENDATION: Authorize Chair to execute lease.

10.               Pacific Terrace Subdivision Unit II, McKinleyville Area; Portion of APN 510-221-06

RECOMMENDATION: Accept subdivision map for recordation.

11.               Meadow Haven Subdivision Unit I; McKinleyville Area; APN 510-221-05

RECOMMENDATION: Accept subdivision map for recordation.

12.               Elk River Road Right-of-Way Acquisition--Shanahan Parcel

RECOMMENDATION: Accept easement deed executed by the Shanahans et al.

13.               Earthquake Retrofit to Four County Bridges

RECOMMENDATION: Accept completed contract with Stimpel-Wiebelhaus Associates.

14.               Cummings Road Water System

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt supplemental budget of $2,269.


15.               Request to Compensate Legal Office Assistant Erin Payne at the Rate of Senior Legal Office Assistant

RECOMMENDATION: Approve request.

16.               Jail Population Report for Week of February 7, 1993

RECOMMENDATION: Receive and file.

Treasurer-Tax Collector

17.               Debt Management Policy

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt policy as a guideline for planning management of public debt.

18.               Extension of Extra-Help Appointments for Michael Langholz and Marcia Bermers

RECOMMENDATION: Approve extension.


9:05 a.m. Board of Supervisors

1.                   Report on Sustainable Forestry (Supervisor Heider)

RECOMMENDATION: Refer proposed grant application to County staff and Forestry Advisory Committee for recommendation and report back on March 9, 1993.

9:30 a.m. Board of Supervisors

2.                   Proposed Historical Park on Logging (Supervisor Heider)

RECOMMENDATION: Direct Chair to sign letter of support.

10:00 a.m. Board of Supervisors

3.                   Request from Area I Agency on Aging for Balance of Their 1992-93 Funding Request in the Amount of $10,271 (Supervisor Fulkerson)

RECOMMENDATION: Pleasure of the Board following CAO input.

10:30 a.m. Board of Supervisors

4.                   Proposed Meeting with State Administration and Legislators Regarding North Coast Economy (Supervisor Sparks)

RECOMMENDATION: Receive and file.

F.                  DEPARTMENT REPORTS

Emergency Services

1.                   Review of Declaration of Local Emergency

RECOMMENDATION: Determine if declaration needs to be continued or terminated.

Administrative Office (CAO)

2.                   Report on Proposed Legislation (if required)


1.                   Clarification of Board Action of January 19, 1993 Pertaining to Glidden Bed and Breakfast Project in Trinidad

RECOMMENDATION: Take recommended action.

2.                   Reports on Board Member Travel at County Expense

RECOMMENDATION: Receive oral reports.

3.                   Reports on Board Member Meeting Attendance (if required)

RECOMMENDATION: Receive oral reports (if required).

H.                  CLOSED SESSION (No Action Taken)

I.                     PUBLIC APPEARANCES--1:30 P.M.(None)

This 15-minute portion of the meeting is reserved for persons desiring to address the Board on any matter not on this agenda that is under the jurisdiction of the Board. It is requested that speakers sign the sheet at the front doors of the Chamber by 1:25 p.m.


J.                   CHECK REGISTERS

1.                   Check Registers Covering Disbursements Made During the Period Ending February 19, 1993

RECOMMENDATION: In accordance with Resolution No. 1024 there are herewith submitted warrant registers covering disbursements made during the period ending February 19, 1993.

K.                  ADJOURNMENT

Any written materials related to an item on this agenda submitted to the Board of Supervisors less than 72 hours prior to the Board meeting, and that are public records subject to the Public Records Act, are available for public inspection in the Office of the Clerk of the Board at 825 5th Street, Suite 111, Eureka (476-2384), during normal business hours.

Persons wishing to file documentation on any agenda item for the official record must submit an original and nine (9) copies of each document to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Room 111 of the County Courthouse, 825 5th Street in Eureka (476-2384). Documentation includes, but is not limited to, written correspondence, audio and video tapes, maps, photographs, and petitions. Failure to submit the required number of copies will result in the document/s not being placed in the official record. (Per Board of Supervisors' policy adopted on March 21, 1995.)

The Chamber is wheelchair accessible, and disabled parking is available in the lot on K Street, between Fourth and Fifth Streets.  If you are a person with a disability, and you need disability-related modifications or accommodations to participate in this meeting, please contact the Clerk of the Board at (707) 476-2384, or (707) 445-7299 (fax).  Requests for such modifications or accommodations must be made at least two full business days before the start of the meeting.