Humboldt County


TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2001


Humboldt County Courthouse

Supervisors' Chambers, First Floor

825 Fifth Street, Eureka

9:00 a.m.

PRESENT: Supervisors Smith, Rodoni, Woolley, Neely, and Kirk (All Present)

With the exception of No. C-28, all listed actions were taken by a unanimous vote, or by Order of the Chair.


1. Salute to the Flag

2. Invocation by Pastor Tom Galovich of the Eureka First Assembly of God



Board of Supervisors

1. Subject: Executive Director of Arcata Chamber of Commerce (Supervisor Woolley)

Action: Adopt resolution of commendation for Jody Hansen.

2. Subject: Application for Funding of a Child Care Center (Supervisor Woolley)

Action: Approve letter of support for Blue Lake Rancheria's application.

Clerk of the Board

3. Subject: Approval of the Board Orders from the Meeting of May 1, 2001

Action: Approve the Board Orders.

County Administrative Officer

4. Subject: Purchase of Laptop Computer for the Risk Management Division ($3,500)

Action: Approve purchase.

5. Subject: Contaminated Soil Clean Up--Jail Phase I (Land Formerly Owned by J. R. Braun)

Action: Approve contract changing collateral held to ensure clean up occurs.

County Counsel

6. Subject: Amendment to Agreement Regarding Interpretation of Tobacco Lawsuit Memorandum of Understanding

Action: Approve amendment, which is necessary if the County is contemplating securitization transactions by which the County would sell its rights to receive some or all of its shares of the settlement proceeds.

District Attorney

7. Subject: Alcohol Analysis Services with the State of California, Department of Justice

Action: Approve Standard Agreement No. 01-95-01.

Health & Human Services (HHS)

8. Subject: Lease of Office Space at 2830 G Street, Eureka for SUCCESS Program

Action: Approve lease agreement with Don Davenport.

9. Subject: Appointments to Sempervirens Medical Staff

Action: Appoint David Aryanpur, M.D.; Paula Edwalds, M.D.; James Bierman, Ph.D.; Rodney Cade, M.D.; and Linda Cade, FNP with requested clinical privileges.

10. Subject: Approval of Grant Agreement Between the Children and Families Commission and the Women, Infants, and Children Program (WIC)

Subject: Approve grant agreement and supplemental budget of $6,000.

11. Subject: Supplemental Budget for Alternative Response Team ($5,665)

Action: Approve supplemental budget.

12. Subject: Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act Contract Face Sheets

Action: Authorize Chair to sign face sheets.


13. Subject: Amendment to Jail Medical Services Contract (Price Adjustments to Base Price)

Action: Amend contract with California Forensics Medical Group.

14. Subject: Increase for Administrative Analyst Position--Child Health & Disability Prevention

Action: Approve FTE increase to 90%.

15. Subject: Amendment to Women, Infants, and Children Supplemental Nutrition Program Contract

Action: Amend contract to provide a 3% cost-of-living increase.

16. Subject: Reallocate Specified Positions from 37 Hours a Week to 40 Hours a Week

Action: Approve reallocations.

17. Subject: Memorandum of Understanding--Close Out of Welfare-to-Work Grant Program

Action: Approve memorandum between HHS and Employment Training Dept.


18. Subject: Purchase of a Personal Computer ($500)

Action: Approve purchase.


19. Subject: Request to Establish Revenue/Expenditure Accounts ($20,000)

Action: Approve for Comprehensive Drug Court Implementation Program.

20. Subject: Extension of Extra-Help Appointment for Courtney Flohaug, Probation Officer I

Action: Extend appointment to a maximum of 1260 hours.

21. Subject: Donation of One Vehicle Purchased by Juvenile Drug Court to Motor Pool

Action: Approve donation.

Public Guardian

22. Subject: Lease of Office Space Located at 23 Fifth Street in Eureka

Action: Extend lease with Donald A. Leonard for an additional two years.

Public Works

23. Subject: Temporary Use Permit with State Department of Parks and Recreation (Shively Summer Bridge)

Action: Extend term of permit to 5 years, and modify waiver of claims language.

24. Subject: Supplemental Budget and Transfer from Fixed Assets for Roads-Equipment

Action: Approve requests ($70,700).

25. Subject: Renovation and Remodel of the Courthouse; Architectural Services Agreement

Action: Approve agreement with Beverly Prior Architects.

26. Subject: Purchase of a Computer and Printer in Roads-Engineering (Transfer of $4,100)

Action: Approve purchase and transfer.

27. Subject: Briarwood Subdivision, for C. F. Nelson, Inc.; APN 303-022-05; Ridgewood Area

Action: Accept subdivision map for recordation.



28. Subject: Eradication of Marijuana Funds from the Drug Enforcement Administration ($75,000)

Action: Accept funding.

Vote: AYES: Smith, Woolley, Neely, and Kirk NAY: Rodoni

29. Subject: Appointment at Advanced Salary for Emergency Communications Dispatcher

Action: Appoint Tammy Bjorni at Range 245, Step B.

Treasurer-Tax Collector

30. Subject: Notification to Board of Education, Fortuna Union Elementary School Dist., Jacoby Creek Elementary School Dist., McKinleyville Union Elementary School Dist., Southern Humboldt Joint Unified School Dist., Eureka City Unified School Dist., Bridgeville Elementary School Dist., Northern Humboldt Union High School Dist., and Redwoods Community College Dist. and Their Bond Attorneys that the Board Will Not Act to Authorize Said Districts to Issue Tax & Revenue Anticipation Notes

Action: Authorize Clerk of the Board to provide said notification.


Lola Cook Cathey and Barry Welch spoke in support of the Shively summer bridge. H. D. Hively, representing the Humboldt Taxpayers' League, spoke in opposition to the County Departments of Public Works and Planning requiring that new developments have roads constructed to meet County standards, and then not accepting some of the roads into the County-maintained systems. He believed that this was double taxation. Ed Salsedo, David Cook, and Norm Carr expressed concerns about economic deprivation to the town of Orick as a result of the closure of Freshwater Lagoon Beach to camping. Margaret Carlson supports there being garbage cans at Mad River Beach. Allen Campbell, Director of Public Works, gave an update on the Shively summer bridge; stated that a Board report on the County-Maintained Road System would be brought forth in June 2001; and said that there are budget constraints as far as garbage pick-up at Mad River Beach (he will look at appropriate line items for possible funding, however).


Public Works

1. Subject: Change Orders Over $10,000 on Public Works Projects (None)

2. Subject: Advertisement or Award of Public Works Projects (None)


1. Subject: Staff for the Workforce Investment Board (Supervisor Neely)

Action: Directed Supervisors Neely and Woolley to provide recommendations to the full Board in future on recommendations for staffing the Workforce Investment Board.

2. Subject: Board Member Travel at County Cost and Meeting Attendance (No Action)

3. Subject: Potential or Proposed Big Box Retail Development (No Report)