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825 5th Street
4th Floor
Eureka, CA 95501
(707) 445-7411
(707) 445-7416
Monday to Thursday: 9am-Noon/1-4pm
Fridays: Due to staffing limitations, the
window and main phone line are not
available to the public (Effective 1/4/2013)


Criminal Division:
Prosecutes crimes occurring within the boundaries of Humboldt County, supplies legal and technical assistance to police agencies and serves as legal advisor to the Grand Jury.

Victim/Witness Division:
Assists victims of crime and offers support services to victims, their families and witnesses during criminal proceedings.


Humboldt Domestic Violence Services:
Offers confidential programs to all persons who have experienced domestic violence. Services include 24-hour crisis line, community resources and referrals, emergency shelter, support groups, children's services, emergency food, clothing, and transportation, restraining order assistance, and alcohol and other drug support groups.

Check Enforcement Program:
Bad checks represent a barrier to trade in Humboldt County. The District Attorney's Check Enforcement Program provides resources to citizens and local businesses when they receive bad checks.


Public Documents
  Medical Marijuana Case Law - City of Riverside v. Inland Empire Patients (5/8/2013) PDF
  Qualifying for 3 Strikes Sentencing (11/6/2012) PDF
  Economic Study on Education and Future Criminality (9/10/2012) PDF
  Arcata Ballot Measure - Letter of Support (9/10/2012) PDF
  Prosecution Guidelines re: Freedom of Speech, Press, Assembly and Petition (03/06/2012) PDF

Press Releases
  Deputy DA Elan Firpo Recipient of MADD’s Outstanding Prosecutor Award (5/10/2013) PDF
  Candlelight Vigil Invite - 4/25/2013 @ 6:00PM (4/18/2013) PDF
  Delbert Lee King Found Guilty of DUI (4/16/2013) PDF
  People v. Joseph Orozco (4/8/2013) PDF
  New Business Hours on Fridays (12/20/2012) PDF
  Brian Fleming Pleads Guilty to Methamphetamine Charges (12/7/2012) PDF
  Fieldbrook Search Warrant Turns Up Marijuana and MDMA (11/26/2012) PDF
  Brooke Hames Pleads Guilty to Vehicular Manslaughter (7/19/2012) PDF
  Slape Found Guilty of Felony Sexual Battery (05/30/2012) PDF
  Brian Cole Fiore Found Guilty of Homicide (05/30/2012) PDF
  Eureka Extreme Weather Shelter Closes for 2011-2012 Season (05/21/2012) PDF
  Alvarado, HSU Assailant, Pleads Guilty to Multiple Charges (05/14/2012) PDF
  Bigleggins Pleads Guilty to Causing Child’s Death (05/14/2012) PDF
  Arcata FFA Donates Supplies to D.A. Victim Witness (05/09/12) PDF
  Gridley Man Found Guilty in Domestic Violence Incident (05/02/2012) PDF
  No Charges to be Filed in Death of Kenneth Newell (04/30/2012) PDF
  Charges Dropped Against Café Owner Steven Sterback (04/06/2012) PDF
  Jacob Steele Sentenced—42 years to life for the murder of Jerry George (04/10/2012) PDF
  Wortmon Plea of Voluntary Manslaughter Stands-Sentenced to 6 Years (03/19/2012) PDF
  Daniels Pleads Guilty in Native American Artifacts Case (02/16/2012) PDF
  Jacob Steele Found Guilty of 2nd Degree Murder (02/14/2012) PDF
  Arthur Jones Pleads Guilty to Selling Methamphetamine (02/07/2012) PDF
  Maggie Wortmon Pleads to Voluntary Manslaughter (02/06/2012) PDF
  Thomas Prince Sentenced to 5 Years for Domestic Violence (01/25/2012) PDF
  Extreme Weather Shelter Opens in Eureka (01/18/2012) PDF
  Multiple Arrests Related to Marijuana Cultivation (12/19/2011) PDF
  Law Enforcement Response to Occupy Humboldt (12/05/2011) PDF
  Mark Nelson pleads guilty in Eureka shooting incident (12/02/2011) PDF
  Richard Miller, former owner of Redwood Motorsports fined for dumping contaminants (11/18/2011) PDF
  Best Pleads to Manslaughter-Sentenced to 25 Years (10/31/2011) PDF
  Large Scale Marijuana Cultivation Operation Near Dinsmore (10/28/2011) PDF
  Possible Fatal Hit and Run in Hoopa Being Investigated by D.A. (10/20/2011) PDF
  Domestic Violence—And the Criminal Justice Process (10/13/2011) PDF
  Carlson pleads guilty to soliciting sex with minor (10/07/2011) PDF
  Joseph Marsh Sentenced to Community Service, Probation (10/05/2011) PDF
  Jamil Muhammad Convicted of Domestic Violence—Equals 4th and 5th Strikes (10/05/2011) PDF
  Domestic Violence Red Flags (10/05/2011) PDF
  Eureka Man Arrested for Soliciting Sex with Minor (09/23/11) PDF
  Consumer Alert-Email Scam (09/21/2011) PDF
  Protected Sturgeon Conviction (09/15/2011) PDF
  Daniel Kalis Pleads No Contest to Multiple Charges (09/08/2011) PDF
  Joseph Marsh Pleads No Contest in Firework Incident (09/07/11) PDF
  Gregory Lee Williams Found Guilty of DUI (09/07/2011) PDF
  Consumer Alert: Call Back Scam (09/08/2011) PDF
  D.A. Letter to Board of Supervisors Regarding Mendocino County’s Medical Marijuana Ordinance, Sept. 2011 PDF
  California’s Medical Marijuana Laws with D.A. Opinions, Sept 2011 PDF
  Frances Day Pleads in Prescription Drug Case (07/25/2011) PDF
  Justin Wier Pleads Guilty to Weapons and Other Charges (07/15/2011) PDF
  Blue Lake Town Hall Public Safety Meeting July 21 PDF
  Wayne Bukowski Pleads Guilty in Child Molestation Case (06/27/2011) PDF
  Cardelli Pleads Guilty in Child Molestation Case (6/22/2011) PDF
  Eureka Man Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail for DUI Conviction (6/3/2011) PDF
  Indian Country Conference Well Attended (5/20/2011) PDF
  Hoopa Man Sentenced to 32 Years to Life in Witness Intimidation Case (5/12/2011) PDF
  Guilty Plea in Marijuana Case (5/10/2011) PDF
  Man Faces Up to 13 Years for Heroin Sales (5/9/2011) PDF
  Guilty Verdict in Large Scale Heroin Case (5/4/2011) PDF
  Roberts Pleads Guilty in Wife’s Shooting Death (5/2/2011) PDF
  Novato Man Sentenced to Six Years for Vehicular Manslaughter (4/26/2011) PDF
  Consumer Fraud Alert - Local Senior Targeted in Lottery Scam (4/22/2011) PDF
  Meghan Alison Stewart Pleads Guilty to Felonies (4/21/2011) PDF
  Board of Supervisors Recognizes Value of Child Abuse Services Team (CAST) (4/20/2011) PDF
  Officer Daniel Kalis Arrested on Outstanding Warrant (4/18/2011) PDF
  Coen Sentenced to Twenty-One Years for July 2, 2010 Shooting (4/18/2011) PDF
  Fortuna Loan Officer Arrested for Mortgage Fraud (4/18/2011) PDF
  Arthur Vivian Wilson Sentenced in Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fraud (4/15/2011) PDF
  Criminal Charges Filed Against Eureka Police Officer (4/14/2011) PDF
  Candlelight Vigil to be Held Wednesday (4/12/2011) PDF
  Fernbridge Café Operator Faces Charges (4/11/2011) PDF
  Fortuna Business Leaders Learn about Local Scams (4/5/2011) PDF
  Ferndale Café Operator Arrested for Putting Customers at Risk (4/1/2011) PDF
  Eureka Man Faces Up to Six Years in Violent Attack (3/31/2011) PDF
  Consumer Alert: Craigslist Rental Scam (3/25/2011) PDF
  Melanie Blake Sentenced to Ten Years in Orleans Stabbing Case (3/18/2011) PDF
  Ferndale Man Convicted of DUI (3/15/2011) PDF
  Victim Witness Program Recognized by United Indian Health Services (3/10/2011) PDF
  District Attorney Paul Gallegos Speaks before Assembly Committees (3/1/2011) PDF
  Conviction on Drug Charges (2/28/2011) PDF
  Misdemeanor Settlement Court (2/28/2011) PDF
  Jury Convicts Joseph Gerard Luther of DUI (2/18/2011) PDF
  Arthur Vivian Wilson Found Guilty of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fraud (2/14/2011) PDF
  Coen Acknowledges Responsibility for July 2, 2010 Shooting (2/14/2011) PDF
  Bradlee Sanders (2/8/2011) PDF
  Jerry George (1/5/2011) PDF
  Sean Lance Hawkins (11/16/2010) PDF
  Robert Ranney (11/8/2010) PDF
  Matthew Paul Scheidt (11/1/2010) PDF
  Ezra Keith Williams (10/22/2010) PDF
  David Lourenco Dematos (10/18/2010) PDF
  Consumer Fraud Alert (10/4/2010) PDF
  Carlyle Blake Sentenced to 10 Years (9/29/2010) PDF
  Judge Orders Target Stores to Stop Illegally Dumping Hazardous Waste (9/28/2010) PDF
  People v. Gary Russell Fork (9/27/2010) PDF   Melanie Blake (9/23/2010) PDF
  Ryan Carroll (9/23/2010) PDF
  Douglas Desoto (9/23/2010) PDF
  Christopher Rocheleau Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder (9/21/2010) PDF
  Press Conference re Curtis Huntzinger (9/21/2010) PDF
  Felony Plea Agreements Reached in Recent Cases (9/20/2010) PDF
  Michael Woody Sentenced to Prison for Felony Drug Related Offenses (9/16/2010) PDF
  Eric Darrell Schwenk Sentenced to 30 Years for Child Molestation (8/31/2010) PDF
  Michael Woody Convicted of Felony Drug Charges (8/20/2010) PDF
  Sandy Church Denied Parole (8/6/2010) PDF
  Jury Convicts Michael Pitek of Driving Under the Influence (7/23/2010) PDF
  Johnny Lindel Lewis Convicted of Homicide (7/22/2010) PDF
  Eric Darrell Schwenk Convicted of Molesting Child (7/2/2010) PDF
  District Attorney's Office Receives Funding for Forensic Interviewer Training and Peer Review (6/3/2010) PDF
  Jury Convicts William Seymore of Possession of Sawed-Off Shotgun (5/18/2010) PDF
  Investigator Wayne Cox Selected as the California District Attorney's Association's "Outstanding District Attorney Investigator of the Year" (5/11/2010) PDF
  School Attendance Review Board (SARB) (5/6/2010) PDF
  Convicted Murder Candace MacDonald Denied Parole (05/03/2010) PDF
  Daniel James Bradley Convicted of DUI (4/30/2010) PDF
  Duane James Bowie, Jr., Convicted of Felony Auto Theft (4/29/2010) PDF
  John William Thompson (4/22/2010) PDF
  Board of Supervisors Passes Resolution Regarding CAST (4/20/2010) PDF
  Margaret Ann Contreras (4/5/2010) PDF
  Healing Families in Indian Country Conference (4/2/2010) PDF
  Big Oil (4/2/2010) PDF
  Donavan Baltzley Pleads Guilty to Felony Animal Cruelty (3/26/2010) PDF
  Jury Convicts Richard Lee Sovereign, Jr. for Methamphetamine (3/26/2010) PDF
  Chad Larsen Found Guilty of Conspiracy to Commit Murder (3/25/2010) PDF
  Suspect Sentenced for Blue Lake Burglary (3/17/2010) PDF
  Paul Alan Jasnosz Sentenced (3/12/2010) PDF
  Restitution Ordered in Case against Alan Bear (3/2/2010) PDF
  Paul Alan Jasnosz Convicted of Rape (1/19/2010) PDF

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