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Election Philosophy and Advocacy


 » Federal

Election Assistance Commission

  • Created by the Help America Vote Act (HAVA)
  • Will set standards for voting systems and distributes federal funds to states

Federal Elections Commission

  • Guides for voters, candidates, and the media for federal elections
  • Federal legislation on elections, registration, campaign reform
Federal Voting Assistance Program The Charters of Freedom
  • Federal website for the National Archives' holdings of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights
  • Excellent source for history fans

The Smithsonian

  • History of Voting Exhibit
  • Excellent graphics and text on voting technology and practices


 » State

Secretary of State

  • Voter Registration application, statewide vote history by county, absentee voting, status of initiatives, state voter pamphlet
  • Political Reform, campaign contributions and lobbying disclosures, forms
  • Vote America -- a program dedicated to increasing registration and turnout

Fair Political Practices Commission

  • Interprets and enforces political campaign, lobbying, and conflict of interest laws; online opinions; online form 700
  • Every candidate and committee should be familiar with this site
State Law
  • The state's Legislative Counsel maintains an up-to-date website of California law
  • NOTE:  While the Elections Code contains laws relating to the conduct of elections, requirements for office and other laws affecting elections may be found in the Government Code, Education Code, and state Constitution.
  • This website can also take you to bills in the state Legislature.
 » Non-Profit

Election Center

  • Non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to improving elections
  • Mainly targeted at elections officials with useful information for voters
Smart Voter
  • The League of Women Voters partners with counties to provide polling place look-up for specific elections, information about ballot measures, links to candidates' websites, and information about LWV
California Voter Foundation
  • Non-profit, non-partisan organization looking at the technology and equipment used to conduct elections
  • National non-profit, non-partisan organization providing information on federal elections and to a lesser extent on state governor and state legislative elections
  • Rosters of federal and state office holders with contact information and positions/statements from them
  • Formed by former Presidents Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, former Senators Barry Goldwater and George McGovern, and former Representatives Newt Gingrich and Geraldine Ferraro, among others.
  • Highly acclaimed for its coverage.
  • Also explains the Electoral College
Easy Voter ELECnet
  • Comprehensive nationwide links to over 400 election websites
 » Election Philosophy and Advocacy

Fair Vote California

  • A nonpartisan coalition of "Californians for Electoral Reform" who believe that all citizens deserve a voice in government working to promote and implement voting methods that fulfill this right as much as possible.
The Constitution Project
  • Based on the premise that the neglect of constitutional issues in the practice of ordinary politics is profoundly misguided and it is wrong for citizens and legislators to abdicate responsibility for following the Constitution to the judiciary.

Election Methods Education and Research Group

  • Purpose is to educate and inform the public about the gross inadequacy of our current election method and the major benefits of a better alternative: The Condorcet Method, a mathematical model that allows voters to rank candidates against each other.

Accurate Democracy

  • This appears to have been started by Robert Loring as a graduate research project.  It discusses election philosophy/theory, provides critiques, and has free downloadable software for election simulation.

Instant Runoff Voting

  • IRV is a means of casting votes for candidates in a race according to the voter's ranking; i.e., if the voter's first choice has the lowest total votes then that candidate loses and the voter's second choice is counted.  This goes on until a candidate receives a majority of the votes necessary to win.
Rock the Vote
  • Website targeting young people to register and vote

Open Voting Consortium

  • A non-profit organization dedicated to the development, maintenance, and delivery of open voting systems for use in public elections. It seeks to establish institutionalized protocols that enable public monitoring of all aspects of election administration. That also means that computer software should be open source.
 » For-Profit


  • The website for Votenet Solutions, Inc., which publishes Campaigns & Elections and Campaign Insider.
  • Targeting those who run for office or conduct campaigns
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