Precinct Board Duties



There is a lot to do on Election Day. The tasks below generally summarize what takes place and presents one way of assigning responsibilities. We suggest that precinct board members rotate duties during the day so that everyone knows what to do in case a board member has to leave during the day. Changing positions also helps to keep fresh. Our Inspector’s Pre-Election Day Checklist of things to do follows the Election Day tasks.


A note about titles: In the old days, a precinct board had an inspector, a judge, and clerks that had specific duties prescribed by law. Those titles have remained although tasks have changed and the titles lost their original meaning. We present the titles below only to illustrate particular tasks; note that the inspector title is absent but needs to perform one of the task-sets below.


Roster-index Clerk

This board member greets the voters, asks the voter to state her/his name and residential address aloud, and finds the name on alphabetical roster-index. The board member then indicates to the voter the appropriate place to sign roster and makes sure that voter signs on correct line.


Ballot Clerk

The Ballot Clerk issues one Official Ballot, security folder, and marking pen (without cap) to each voter who has signed the Roster. She or he instructs the voter on how to mark the Ballot, how to use the security folder, and directs the voter to an empty voting booth.


Index Clerk

This board member is responsible for crossing off names of voters on the rosters that are posted outside the polling place. As each voter announces his/her name and address performs the following (use ruler as a guide):


Ballot Box Clerk


All Board members are expected to be at the polling location by 6:30 a.m., and remain until all closing procedures have been completed which may last until 9:00 or 10:00 pm. Breaks are assigned by the Inspector. There are many opportunities for training. Once you have been confirmed as a poll worker, a training schedule will be sent to you. It is your responsibility to schedule a date and time with the Elections Office. Class is mandatory for Inspectors. There also are training sessions on the care and use of the eScan and DAU. An important (but unofficial) responsibility for almost all boards is food. You have a long day and eating well and nutritionally is a good means for keeping everyone’s energy up.


Each Board meets the afternoon or evening before Election Day to set up the booths and signs, and get ready for the next day.