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Phases of the General Plan Update

This General Plan represents a multi-year effort on the part of the County Community Development Services Department in collaboration with the Humboldt County community at large, the Board of Supervisors, the Planning Commission and various County departments. The Plan was developed through the use of the following six-phase process:

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Phase I - Critical Choices

In this phase, the citizens of Humboldt expressed their views of the future of the county and the issues that should be addressed in the General Plan. Outreach was conducted through 40 public meetings and numerous discussions with organization and agency representatives. This phase resulted in the Critical Choices Report.

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Phase II - Technical Background Reports

This was a data collection and analysis phase to develop a deeper understanding of the issues and trends that were identified in the Critical Choices Phase. Fourteen studies were published to inform citizens and decision makers.

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Phase III - Selection of Preferred Sketch Plan

After comprehensive public input and review of a report entitled Sketch Plan Alternatives, the Board of Supervisors chose Sketch Plan "B" from among four growth and development pattern alternatives.

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Phase IV - Draft Preliminary Plan and EIR

In this phase, the preferred alternative was used as a guide for writing preliminary drafts of each chapter of the General Plan Update. The preliminary chapters were prepared and presented to the Planning Commission for review and public comment. This round of input will guide the preparation of the consolidated final Hearing Draft Plan and draft Environmental Impact Report.

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Phases V & VI - Public Review and Adoption of Final Plan and EIR

During this phase, the Planning Commission will hold public hearings and develop Planning Commission recommendations for the preferred General Plan and EIR alternative. The Planning Commission preferred alternative will be submitted to the Board of Supervisors for a final round of public input, modification, and decision making. The final General Plan and EIR will then be adopted by the Board of Supervisors.