Phillip R. Crandall, Director
Barbara LaHaie, Assistant Director, Programs
Connie Beck, Assistant Director, Administration
Susan Buckley, Director, Public Health
Asha George, Ph.D., Director, Mental Health
Katherine Young, MSW, Director, Social Services

2002 Harrison Street
Eureka, CA

Aggression Replacement Training (ART)

A Teen Training Program of New Horizons

What is ART?

Aggression Replacement Training (ART) is a treatment for teenagers who show aggressive behaviors. ART focuses on teaching teenagers ways to reduce their anger levels, identify risky situations, skills to avoid trouble, and learn social skills.

Currently, ART is being offered to teenagers who have been sentenced to the New Horizons Program for a stay of 4 to 6 months.

Anger Control Training
Teens are taught to identify the physical signs of the beginning of anger in themselves, ways to reduce the anger, and ways to evaluate anger management performance in themselves.
Moral Reasoning
Teens are taught to understand morally complex situations through a series of group discussions about moral dilemmas.
Skills Streaming
Teens are taught appropriate social skills through watching the trainer perform the behavior and role-playing with other teens in the group.

Proven Treatment

Aggression Replacement Training is a treatment that has been tested over the past 20 years. The treatment has been shown to:
  • Improve Social Skills.
  • Decrease aggressive behaviors.
  • Reduce the chance that teenagers will reenter the juvenile system.
This treatment is currently only available to juvenile wards of the court who have been sentenced to the New Horizons Facility. In the future, this treatment will be offered more widely to the community.

Click »here« to view the ART program's brochure.

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