Phillip R. Crandall, Director
Barbara LaHaie, Assistant Director, Programs
Connie Beck, Assistant Director, Administration
Susan Buckley, Director, Public Health
Asha George, Ph.D., Director, Mental Health
Katherine Young, MSW, Director, Social Services

Street Outreach Services

Four Paths
Art Studio & Gallery

1122 5th Street
Eureka, CA 95501

Pamlyn Millsap, Homeless Coordinator
Humboldt County Mental Health Services
(707) 441-5252

The Four Paths Art studio is a creation of the AB2034 enrollees and staff of Humboldt County. We are proud participants of Eureka Arts Alive.
While it was easy to identify homeless folks on the street who suffered from a chronic mental illness, it was not easy to employ them. Finding housing was easier than finding jobs. Out of desperation and frustration, the creation of the Four Paths Art Studio was developed.
Early on the enrollees decided that they wanted to be their own boss. They didn't want to work for other people and run the risk of displeasing them and getting fired. The enrollees wanted to create things and sell their work. They wanted to do art. That was the beginning of the studio.
Thanks to the AB2034 State Grant, Humboldt County Mental Health was able to rent a storefront building to house the Art Gallery/Studio. The art that has evolved out of the studio is phenomenal. The folks who are in the group have flourished as well. Many people have gone from being homeless, on drugs or alcohol to being housed, off drugs and alcohol and on appropriate medications. They are now part of a group and culture that surrounds them with support and hope.
AB staff and enrollees would like to thank everyone who had a part in the creation of this project. During this time of budget woes, some things are working. Please come visit our gallery.
The Four Paths Art Studio recognizes exceptional men and women who have overcome extraordinary circumstances and challenges, and experienced a turning point in their lives. There are many artists represented in each month’s show. It is our hope that viewing this artwork will help inspire others to follow their paths.

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