Asha George, Ph.D., Director, Mental Health
Amy Larum, RN, Deputy Director, Mental Health

Crisis Intervention Services (CIS)

CIS is a multi-disciplinary team providing collaborative efforts between mental health advocates, law enforcement, and the mental health community to help law enforcement officers and others in crisis incidents involving people who suffer from mental illnesses and co-occurring disabilities.

CIS Goal

The goal of CIS is to reduce the incidents of hospitalization and incarceration of people with mental health disabilities, and or severe emotional disturbances. Increasing the interaction between Law Enforcement, Mental Health staff and other first responders, provides appropriate, effective, prevention and linkage of services.

CIS Activities

The CIS team provides outreach and engagement to people who are experiencing serious and persistent mental illness who are at risk of becoming involved or are involved with law enforcement. This is an ongoing field-based strategy. Regular multi-dispensary team meetings occur with law enforcement to identify concerns and coordinate services.

CIS Training

The initial sessions provide in-depth coverage of the types, severity, symptoms and signs of chronic mental illnesses; and the medications used to control these illnesses and their some-times devastating side-effects. Participants will learn about community resources, understand criminal and civil laws as they pertain to people who suffer from mental illnesses and develop interactive skills for dealing with suicide and crisis intervention.

Information is available at the Mental Health Branch Administration Office (707) 268-2990.

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