Susan Buckley, RN, Director, Public Health
Ira Singh, MPH, Deputy Director
Donald I. Baird, MD, Health Officer

Communicable Disease Management

The California Code of Regulations (Title 17) specifies diseases that are mandated to be reported by physicians and medical laboratories to Public Health authorities. When an infectious disease is reported, such as measles or bacterial meningitis, a Public Health Nurse is assigned, in collaboration with the Health Officer, to investigate. The objective is to determine the source of infection, locate any other person who may have been exposed, and above all prevent further spread.

Interventions may include antibiotics for persons who have been in contact with a known infectious disease, isolation or quarantine, and cooperation with the Environmental Health Division and the Public Health Laboratory to determine the origin of the infection. A Public Health Nurse is on-call each weekday to receive and respond to these reports, and a 24-hour response system is available after hours to provide Public Health support for physicians reporting diseases.

Phone: 707-268-2182
After hours, Holidays & Weekends: The Sheriff will page the Health Officer, call 707-445-7251.

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