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Division of Environmental Health
Ocean Monitoring Program

Luffenholtz Beach, Humboldt County
Humboldt County is funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Beach Environmental Assessment and Coastal Health Act (BEACH Act) to monitor for the presence of bacteria in ocean water areas. Water samples are taken near creek mouths that deliver stormwater into the ocean. The ocean water monitoring program began in February of 2003 when four Humboldt County beaches were originally chosen for monitoring based on their relatively high visitor use and proximity to creeks with summer flow. Since mid-November 2004, a 5th sampling site, at the northern side of the Mad River mouth just above Mad River Beach (the southernmost boundary of Clam Beach), has been monitored. In addition, Environmental Health has sampled the creek mouth at Old Home Beach since April of 2008 for the City of Trinidad.

Environmental Health monitors the 6 beaches weekly April through October. Beginning in 2010, the beaches will no longer be monitored November through March.

After a significant rainfall, stormwater runoff draining into creeks and the ocean can contain high levels of bacteria and pollutants.

Please avoid contact with ocean and creek water until at least 3 days after a heavy rainfall.

We currently test the water quality at:
  1. Mad River Mouth North,
  2. Clam Beach near Strawberry Creek,
  3. Moonstone Beach near Little River,
  4. Luffenholtz Beach near Luffenholtz Creek, and
  5. Trinidad State Beach near Mill Creek.
  6. Old Home Beach near Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse.

When state standards for any of 3 types of indicator bacteria are exceeded at a beach, the area is posted with warning signs. The signs are removed when subsequent samples indicate the bacteria are no longer present.

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