Susan Buckley, RN, Director, Public Health
Ira Singh, MPH, Deputy Director
Donald I. Baird, MD, Health Officer

Division of Environmental Health


Date Released: 10/27/2008
Subject: Free Fall Tire Cleanup at Ferndale Fairgrounds
Contact: Brent Whitener, Environmental Health Division
Phone: (707) 445-6215, 268-2217

On Saturday, November 8th from 10:00AM until 2:00PM residents can bring used and waste tires to Ferndale Fairgrounds for free disposal. This past spring Humboldt County residents brought more than 7,500 waste tires to very successful single-day events held in Willow Creek and Orick. A grant from the California Integrated Waste Management Board allows the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Environmental Health to partner with the Humboldt Waste Management Authority and hold this free waste tire amnesty event in Ferndale.

This one day opportunity allows residents to bring up to nine waste tires for free disposal. Tires must be car or light truck tires, less than 32 inches in diameter, and must be without rims. These events are for residents only; tires from businesses will not be accepted.

Residents are limited by California law to carry nine or fewer tires in a vehicle unless that vehicle is registered with the state as a Waste Tire Hauler. The California Highway Patrol or local law enforcement may cite the driver of a vehicle that is carrying more than nine waste tires.

If residents have more than nine tires to bring to a waste tire amnesty event, they must carry a letter granting a Temporary Exemption from Waste Tire Hauling Requirements. To obtain the Exemption letter, call the Humboldt County Division of Environmental Health at (707) 445-6215 or toll free at 1-800-963-9241. Provide the hauling vehicle’s make, model, license number, and an estimate of how many tires your vehicle will be carrying. Requests should be made about a week before the Ferndale event to allow for processing and mailing the Exemption letter.

Local farms and ranches are not considered tire related businesses and are encouraged to participate in this event. The legal requirements for a letter of exemption for this event apply to them, so they should contact the Division of Environmental Health if they plan to haul more than nine tires.

Staff will be present to unload the tires. As participants await unloading, they will be asked to answer a few survey questions to help in planning future collection events, and will be presented with information about other recycling opportunities here in Humboldt County.


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