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Ira Singh, MPH, Deputy Director
Donald I. Baird, MD, Health Officer

Division of Environmental Health


Date Released: 3/17/2004
Subject: Waste Awareness Week
Contact: Brian Cox, Director, Division of Environmental Health
Phone: 707) 445-6215

Waste Awareness Week
It is the responsibility of everyone to preserve our precious earth through pollution prevention and natural resource conservation – specifically, reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Air and water are life’s most valuable resources and without them no living thing could survive. What most people do not realize is that by reducing, reusing and recycling, not only are they saving the raw materials that make up plastic, paper, metal, and glass but also the energy and water used to make those products, as well as avoiding air pollution in the manufacturing process. Recycling one ton of newspaper saves 19 pine trees and recycled paper production reduces related air pollution by 95% and uses 30-55% less energy.

Waste reduction begins with individual choice. Consumers can make the conscious choice to buy materials in bulk, materials that have less packaging, and that are easily reusable or recyclable, among other things. By reducing waste from the start you can do your part to prevent pollution and conserve natural resources.

Humboldt County’s Waste Awareness Week, April 19 through the 25, is one way to increase awareness of things we can all do to improve the health of our planet. A highlight of this week is a special awards ceremony in which local individuals, businesses and organizations throughout the County are honored for their waste reduction practices.

2003 Award Recipients:
Humboldt State University Graphics Department
Tofu Shop
Recyclist & Potawot United Indian Health Village
321 Coffee
Manila Community Center AmeriCorps Program
Bayside Drywall
City of Arcata CCC/AmeriCorps Waste Reduction Internship Program
Kinko’s of Arcata
Community Cornerstone
Manila Bicycle Project
Black Oak General Contracting
Gas Stoves with Style
Arcata Community Recycling Center & Eureka Community Recycling Center

Waste Reduction Award categories include the following;
Best individual waste reduction effort or program,
Best business waste reduction effort or program,
Best government agency waste reduction effort or program,
Best other organization waste reduction effort or program,
Best “closing the loop” effort or program,
Most effective waste prevention, recycling, or composting activities (three separate awards),
Most effective use of recycled or reused materials in manufacturing,
Most effective school waste reduction program,
Most effective public education program, and
The Unsung Heroes of the waste reduction world.

To apply for an award, one must fill out a short application, write a one to two page summary of their program, and deliver it to the Division of Environmental Health by April 9. If you or someone you know may qualify for an award, please call 268-2225 or 800-963-9241 for an application or stop by the Environmental Health Office at 100 H Street, Suite 100 in Eureka to pick one up. Applications are also available at the Health Branch at 727 Cedar Street in Garberville and 77 Walnut Way in Willow Creek. This is a wonderful way to give local waste reducers the recognition for all their hard work and dedication.

If you know of an easy way to reduce your impact on this Earth, spread the word and participate in one of the fun Waste Awareness Week activities. For more information call he Humboldt County Waste Reduction Hotline at 268-2225 or check out Remember, pollution is not the solution--reduce at the start!


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