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Division of Environmental Health


Date Released: 3/14/2006
Subject: WASTE REDUCTION AWARDS – Call for Entries
Contact: Brian Cox, Director, Environmental Health Division
Phone: (707) 445-6215


Waste Reduction Awards

Preventing waste is different than recycling. It is better to prevent waste from being generated and save time, resources and money. Manufacturers are key to this as they can design and produce products in an environmentally sound way that prevents waste in the manufacturing process and at the end of a product’s life. This is of particular importance these days as more and more of our everyday products contain toxic chemicals that contaminate land and water.

Electronic waste such as TVs, computers, and cell phones are perfect examples. According to the US EPA, about 70-percent of the toxic metals found in landfills come from electronic waste. Electronic waste can contain lead, cadmium, chromium and mercury. These metals are highly toxic and pose a serious threat to public health and the environment. This brew of toxic substances can damage nervous, kidney and reproductive systems. Some metals are also carcinogens.

We are all responsible for this toxic addition to the waste-stream. As consumers, we can research and support companies that reduce waste and practice extended producer responsibility. Businesses can take responsibility for the products through designs that minimize a product’s life-cycle impacts and by promoting take-back programs.

Fortunately, there are many people, organizations, and businesses in Humboldt County preventing waste every day. The Waste Reduction Awards Program is our opportunity to recognize these achievements.

2005 Award Recipients
Bayside Grange, Girl Scout Troup 78, Footprint Recycling, Grindables Recycling, Humboldt Environmental Ambassador Pilot Project, Karuk Tribe, Ken Kyle of Redwood Recycling, Marianne Bithell of Pacific Builders, Orick School Cafeteria, Pacific Builders, Recycling Enterprises, Reusable Office Supply Exchange (R.O.S.E.), Rio Dell Post Office, Trillium School, Vector Rehabilitation, Wildwood Saw, Wally Williams of the County Vehicle Abatement Program

Waste Reduction Award categories
•Best waste reduction effort or program•
•Best “closing the loop” effort or program•
•Most effective waste prevention, recycling, or composting activities•
•Most effective use of recycled or reused materials in manufacturing•
•Most effective school waste reduction program•
•Most effective public outreach program•
•Most effective collaboration effort in waste diversion•
•Unsung heroes of the waste diversion world•

To apply for an award, complete a short application, write a one to two page summary of the program, and deliver it to the Division of Environmental Health by April 6. If you or someone you know may qualify for an award, please call 268-2225 or 800-963-9241 for an application or stop by the Environmental Health Office at 100 H Street, Suite 100 in Eureka to pick one up. Applications are also available at the City Hall in Arcata, Blue Lake, Eureka, Fortuna, Ferndale, Rio Dell, and Trinidad as well as the Public Health Branch at 727 Cedar Street in Garberville and 77 Walnut Way in Willow Creek. This is a wonderful way to give local waste reducers the recognition for all of their hard work and dedication.


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