Susan Buckley, RN, Director, Public Health
Ira Singh, MPH, Deputy Director
Donald I. Baird, MD, Health Officer

Tuberculosis Case Management

A leading cause of debilitating disease and lingering death worldwide, tuberculosis (TB) requires aggressive management. As with HIV infection, an individual infected with tuberculosis may appear well for many years before becoming ill. Although contagious, especially under conditions of crowding, tuberculosis is treatable. The treatment consists of many months of antibiotics, which must be completed to be effective. Consequently, the tuberculosis Public Health Nurses monitor reported cases to ensure that treatment is completed and traces all contacts a tuberculosis patient had in order to determine if they are infected and need treatment. Frequently, a Public Health Nurse will conduct "directly observed therapy", performing home visits to ensure the patient takes each prescribed dose of medicine over a 6-9 month period.

Phone: (707) 445-6200

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