The following standing policy shall govern the processing, release and discussion of issues and of positions taken by the Humboldt County Human Rights Commission:


All views, from any member, on any issue are encouraged and welcomed during the course of discussion, prior to the Commission's reaching a final determination on such issues.


The Commission's final position shall be determined by majority vote of those present at a regular or special meeting of the Commission, the agenda for which includes a reference to the issue being considered.


Once the Commission's final position has been adopted, any member, singly or with other members, may submit a written minority report.


The minority report(s) shall be so labeled and attached to the report of the final position of the Commission. The entire package (majority and minority reports) shall thereafter comprise the written report made public or submitted to any other agency of the County.


Any discussion of the Commission's action by a member of the Commission, acting in that capacity, shall be made by a designated spokesperson for the Commission, and shall affirm the final position of the Commission.


Any member of the Commission is free to address issues, as an individual, whether or not the issue is before or has been considered by the Commission. However, any Commission member other than the designated spokesperson for the Commission shall clearly declare that he or she speaks as an individual and not for the Commission.



(Adopted November 11, 1997)