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  839 4th Street
  Eureka, CA 95501
707 445-7556
707 445-7473
Jim Storm: IT Division Director

Sandy Allsop: IT Applications Analyst Supervisor

Scott Josephson: Senior IT Technician

Are you looking for information about Humboldt County?

The Information Technology Division provides network and computer support services for the County of Humboldt government departments, it does not have information about tourism, relocation, schools, real estate, or anything else of that nature. Please  contact one of the local Chamber of Commerce offices or try one of the following:

Local Government
Employment Links

For technical support, contact Customer Service:

   Phone: (707) 268-3671


The Information Technology department is a division of the County Administrative Office. Information Technology is responsible for the operation and integrity of the county’s Information Infrastructure, which includes the network, servers and databases, desktop computers, and business applications. Information Technology shares this responsibility with some larger, non-general fund departments that support a portion of their own departmental infrastructure. In total, the county has over 1,500 PCs plus printers communicating with 73 servers over a high-speed network connecting 57 county service locations.

Information Technology provides the breadth and depth of skills necessary to support the county’s information systems business. The staff is divided into three workgroups: systems administration, technical services, and applications and programming support. All the workgroups form a team to provide services to county departments. It takes a large range of technical job skills to support a county business operation.

Customer Service is a primary focus for the staff at Information Technology. All county staff can call our Customer Service Help Desk for assistance with a request, question, or problem. The systems administration staff takes the initial calls at the Help Desk and attempt to resolve them immediately. If necessary, the calls are escalated to technical services or application and programming support for further work. The Help Desk staff track all the calls and keep in contact with the customer to insure that they have received the service that they requested.

The county’s network is the heart of the information infrastructure that supports county business. Information Technology is responsible for the countywide operation of the network. What used to be called the ‘computer room’ in the Information Technology building is now called the ‘Network Operations Center’, or NOC. The Network Operations Center is responsible for managing the overall county network, including the wide-area network, all networking services, routers, firewalls, virus protection, and internet portal. Information Technology is also responsible for network connections to non-county agencies, such as the local police departments, Department of Justice, DMV, and the California Health and Human Service Data Center.


       CCISDA California County IS Directors Association
       SymantecVirus Alert



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