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Displays & Exhibitions - Main Library


Stairwell between first and second floors

Photos of each Humboldt County Branch Library building, with dates of the founding of each branch.

Hagopian Gallery - 2nd Floor 

  Children's Art Calendar artists' drawings.  Each calendar picture this year celebrates a favorite character in a children's book, whether animal or human.  See work from all of the artists who participated as well as the twelve drawings that make up this year's spectacular calendar.  The 2014 Friends of the Redwood Libraries Children's Art Calendar is dedicated to Roger Cinnamond as a tribute to his love for children and for art. The Children's Art Calendar was his brainchild, and without the hard work of Roger and his wife Jane, the Calendar might well have never survived into this, its fourth year.

Long Display Case -- 2nd Floor

Eat Better, Live Better display by the Area 1 Agency for Aging.  Tools and resources to get, prepare/receive, and eat nourishing, tasty, health-giving foods.


Wall near Periodicals Section - 1st Floor

           Children's Author Festival Authors 

Young Adult Room Wall

"Rollerblading in Dupont Metro" -- a painting by Trinka Margua Simon

Windows between Circulation and the Young Adult Room

What happens when a reader becomes an artist?  Magic!  Look for this mural, a triptych, painted on the glass on your left as you enter the library.  Images from legend, fairytale, and fantasy, each of the three paintings has two sides.  A sunny side faces circulation and evokes childhood's wonder.  Walk round to the Young Adult room to see a stormier view of each scene.  The mural was painted by the talented Hazel Santino, 18, a 2007 Eureka High graduate who plans a career in illustration.