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Public Computers and Internet


All branches of the Humboldt County Library have computers available for public use.  

Use of the computers is free.  

Internet Access
Wireless Internet
Word Processing 
Library Catalog Stations
Special Databases

Internet Access

Some of the computers in each branch offer internet access.  Users under 18 must have parental permission for internet use on their library cards, or a parent present.

Time limits and sign-up procedures vary by branch.  Please contact your local library branch for requirements. 

The Internet stations also feature special databases, word processing, spreadsheets, and other software, as well as the library catalog.  Note:  All internet stations have time limits, but some branches also feature non-internet computers that allow you to use the other functions with no time limit.

Computer users may bring their own diskette or flash drive for downloading or saving material.  (You will not be able to use a CD.)  

Printing is available at a cost of 10 cents per page.

All public computers can be adjusted for use by people who have visual impairments or prefer larger type.  Please ask staff for assistance.

To hear audio from computers in the library, please bring your own headphones or check with the staff to see if headphones are available.

All users are required to abide by the library's Internet Use Policy (click here to read the policy).  Please be considerate of others in using the shared computers, and use them as appropriate to a public place.

Internet Safety and Security

As you have read in the Internet Use Policy, it is your responsibility to practice good internet safety and security precautions when using the Library's computers.  If you give your children internet access, they will also need to know how to stay safe on the internet.

To learn more about Internet safety, click HERE. You will also find books in the library that discuss internet safety and security issues in detail.

Wireless Internet

Our wireless internet project continues, with the eventual goal of wireless service at every branch.  Currently you will find wireless internet access at:

Eureka Main Library

Arcata Branch

Blue Lake Branch

Ferndale Branch

McKinleyville Branch

Rio Dell Branch

Trinidad Branch

The library also maintains a partial list of local wi-fi hotspots.

Word Processing Stations

Perhaps you are writing a report, creating a flyer, working on your resume.  Maybe you need to use a spreadsheet or other library software.  For these tasks, you may need more time than you can get on an Internet station.

Ask if the branch you are using has a word processing station.  The Main Library in Eureka has three.  These stations allow you more time and feature a range of useful software.  They do not connect to the Internet.

Library Catalog Stations

In each library you will find one or more computer stations dedicated to the library catalog.  These computers allow you to find books and other library materials, see your library record, and request books from other branches at no charge.  

Catalog stations do not have internet access.  Some of them do offer you access to the library's special databases.

Special Databases

Successful students, researchers, shoppers, job seekers, businesspeople, mechanics, and do-it-yourselfers know about this great library resource.

The library subscribes to a range of special online information tools to provide you with useful facts, images, and articles that are not available for free on the internet.  The library pays for these databases so that all of our members can access them without a charge.  

Anyone can use these databases from any internet station in the library, and from some catalog stations.  You can also use many of the databases from home by going to the Library's website and using your library card number.

To go to the library's database list, click HERE.





Local Wi-Fi Hotspots, a Partial List
   -- places where you can use wireless internet.


City Barber Shop
219 J Street, 445-2340, Tues - Fri 9-4

Commercial Radio & Elect./Power Page 
2416 Broadway, 445-9661, grassy area & parking lot

Ink People
411 12th Street, 442-8413, Tues - Sat, 11am - 4pm

Lost Coast Brewery
617 4th Street, 445-5580, Daily 11am-midnight

Myrtle Ave. area, 
especially between Trinity & Edgewood Streets

North Coast Coop, 
4th and B Streets, Daily 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Old Town Coffee & Chocolates, 
211 F Street, 445-8600, Daily

Ramone's Bakery and Cafe, 
209 E Street, 445-2923, Mon-Sat 7-6, Sun 8-4

Sequoia Park Zoo, 3414 W St., Tues-Sun, 10-5

Wharfinger Building. One Marina Way in Old Town on the waterfront.


Arcata Plaza (downtown Arcata)

Coffee Break Internet Café
700 Bayside Road, M-F 6-6, Sat 7-6, Sun 7-4

Emerald City Laundry, 1210 G Street, 825-6802, Mon-Fri 7:30-11, Sat/Sun 8-11

180 Westwood Center, 826-1195, M-Th 7-10, F-Sat 7-11, Sun 4-10