Meeting Summary

Humboldt County Fire Safe Council

October 20, 2003 

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The sixth meeting of the Humboldt County Fire Safe Council (FSC) was held on October 20, 2003, from 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M., at the U.S. Forest Service Six Rivers National Forest conference room, 1330 Bayshore Way, Eureka, California. The FSC was appointed by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors to guide preparation of the County Master Fire Protection Plan (Fire Plan).


Fire Safe Council Members Attending

Fire Safe Council Members Absent:

Public and Agency Representatives Attending:

County Fire Safe Council Coordinator / Master Fire Protection Plan Consultant


The Fire Safe Council Coordinator, George Williamson, called the meeting to order at 1:10 P.M. and the Council members and the audience made self introductions.


Fire Planning and Educational Activities

Firewise Workshop Update. Tracy Katelman gave an update on the preparations for the upcoming Firewise Community Workshop at the Fortuna Riverlodge on November 18-19, 2003. This is a workshop on community fire safety sponsored by a statewide organization. To date, 32 people have registered and up to 100 total seats are available (with 20 "scholarships available to defray registration cost for those who require assistance). Tracy expects registration to peak as the Workshop date nears.

Adrea Tuttle, CDF Director, will be the opening speaker on Tuesday the 18th, and a Member of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors will open the Workshop on Wednesday the 19th.

"Burning Issues". Tracy Katelman also made an announcement about "Burning Issues", a public forum to discuss the fires that recently burned thousands of acres in Southern Humboldt. The focus of the meeting will be to discuss the firefighting operations and community safety. Burning Issues will be held at the Mateel Community Center on November 1st. There will be a small entry fee.

Humboldt County General Plan Update Deliberation Meetings. Kirk Gothier stated that several community workshops are scheduled where consultant and planning staff will present County General Plan "sketch plan" alternatives. The sketch plans will include alternative for patterns of development and levels of community services (all types of infrastructure, including fire protection) that will help guide land use choices. It is hoped that the Fire Plan will provide data for the deliberation meetings.



Fire Safe Council Review and Planning Update

The FSC Coordinator reviewed the April meeting agenda. Each FSC member received an information packet, containing the FSC Draft Humboldt County Master Fire Protection Plan, prior to the FSC meeting and interested parties were sent meeting notices. The Coordinator asked the FSC members to review the meeting summary of the May 19, 2003, FSC meeting. No revisions were made.

Fire Organization Survey. To date, 37 of 42 local, state, and federal fire organizations have completed the second survey. The FSC Coordinator requested input from the Council on how to proceed with only limited response from local departments, and therefore only limited information about true fire suppression capabilities.

Kevin O誰eil stated that Kim Price, CDF Pre-Fire Planner, will work with the Consultant and the County to gather the remaining surveys.

The FSC Coordinator stated that if all data is received by the end of October, that it will take until approximately early- to mid-December to complete the risk analysis. This will allow for presentation of a Draft Plan at an early January FSC meeting, considering the holiday season. The importance of FSC input in Fire Plan Implementation Measures development was emphasized.

FSC Draft Fire Plan. An internal review of an Administrative Draft Fire Plan by County staff and CDF generated useful comments. After incorporating these comments, the FSC Draft Fire Plan was prepared and circulated.

The FSC Draft Fire Plan lacks a complete risk assessment. Too few fire organization surveys (Surveys No.1 and 2) have been received to date to allow a complete picture of firefighting capabilities. Therefore, the Risk Assessment Chapter (Chapter 3) is only partially complete. The FSC Coordinate indicated that Robert Burnham, RND Spatial Data, will make a presentation on Chapter 3 and discuss each component of analysis.

Kevin O誰eil stated that there were notable FSC absences at this meeting and asked how we should proceed without their input on the FSC Draft Plan. Kirk Gothier suggested that the Consultants proceed with presentation of the partial analysis today and ask the Consultants to get input from the FSC Members who are absent.

Overview of Fire Safe Council Draft of Master Fire Protection Plan. Chapter 1 is an overview of the entire analysis. The Existing Conditions Chapter (Chapter 2) ended up being larger than we expected. There is a tremendous amount of information about local, state, and federal fire related organizations that could be included in this section. A summary of Chapter 3 will be presented later by Robert Burnham.

PowerPoint Presentation. The FSC Coordinator guided the FSC through a PowerPoint overview of the FSC Draft Plan (a copy of the PowerPoint is included with this summary). The following comments were received during the presentation:


RAMS Model Presentation

Robert Burnham presented the Chapter 3 RAMS analysis. The RAMS (Risk Assessment Management System) analysis is a wildfire risk analysis. This analysis is a highly technical analysis that we have attempted to put into plain language. Further, this is an administrative draft where we are presenting a plan "format", not a final product.

Mr. Burnham delivered a PowerPoint presentation on Chapter 3. The following comments were received during the presentation:



Election of Chair and Vice- Chairperson Nominations and Election

A quorum of FSC Members was present and elections were held to fill the FSC officer vacancies.

Nominations were requested from the FSC for Chair and Vice Chair. Kevin O誰eil was nominated for FSC Chair and unanimously approved by the FSC. Will Harling was nominated for the position of Vice Chair and unanimously approved by the Council.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 10th, 2003, from 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. to be held at the USFS Six Rivers National Forest conference room.


The Chairperson adjourned the meeting at 5:00 P.M.