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Fire Safe Council and Master Fire Plan

Humboldt County Fire Safe Council            Phone: (707) 267-9542

2009-2010 Humboldt County Hazardous Fuels Reduction Plan Update

The purpose of this plan update process was to refresh the hazardous fuels reduction plan portion of the 2006 Humboldt County Master Fire Protection Plan (MFPP), which is Humboldt County's equivalent to a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). The results of the update process are cataloged and displayed in the following document as well as in a web-based Geographic Information systems (GIS) mapping tool known as the Humboldt GIS Portal.
The fuels reduction project data described in this document and displayed in the GIS Portal were generated through the evaluation of projects identified in the 2006 MFPP, gathered at community based meetings, and reviewed and refined by local Fire Safe Council (FSC) representatives, Humboldt County staff, and fire agency personnel.

Full Plan Text

Cover – Table of Contents – Acknowledgements

1.         Hazardous Fuels Reduction Plan Update Process

2.1       Lower Klamath Planning Compartment

2.2       East Klamath Fire Planning Compartment

2.3       Trinity Fire Planning Compartment

2.4       Redwood Park Fire Planning Compartment

2.5       Trinidad Fire Planning Compartment

2.6       Humboldt Bay Fire Planning Compartment

2.7       Upper Redwood Creek Fire Planning Compartment

2.8       Mad-Van Duzen Fire Planning Compartment

2.9       Main Eel Fire Planning Compartment

2.10     South Eel Fire Planning Compartment

2.11     Mattole Lost Coast Fire Planning Compartment

Appendix A. Humboldt County GIS Portal User Guide