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Fire Safe Council and Master Fire Plan

Humboldt County Fire Safe Council            Phone: (707) 267-9542

Local Fire Safe Councils

Local Fire Safe Councils(FSC) throughout California are developing fire safe plans and fire hazard reduction projects in local communities. These councils are voluntary organizations typically consisting of representatives from state and federal fire agencies, local concerned citizens, and local fire districts and fire protection organizations. FSCs form to enhance the effectiveness of fire protection and prevention by securing grant funds and volunteer support for fire hazard reduction projects and community fire-safety education.

FSCs can provide a valuable service in the development of the fire protection and prevention policies and implementation measures of the Safety Element. Fire Plans developed by FSCs can inform the processes of updating the Humboldt County General Plan and/or the creation of the County Master Fire Protection Plan. The Humboldt County Fire Safe Council encourages the development of local volunteer FSCs and their participation in the sharing of fire-safety related information, fire risk assessment and fire protection and prevention priorities.

Please click on the local Fire Safe Councils to learn more about them.