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Fire Safe Council and Master Fire Plan

Humboldt County Fire Safe Council            Phone: (707) 267-9542

Master Fire Protection Plan

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors (BOS), at their August 15th 2006 meeting, approved the Master Fire Protection Plan (MFPP) to be forwarded on to the General Plan Update process and certified the MFPP as a Community Wildfire Protection Plan. The FSC is now providing guidance for implementing specific measures from the plan. We hope that if you have input and/or skills that will be valuable to the success of this program you will contact us. Thanks to all of you who have already put energy into the plan developmentprocess! Use the links below to view sections of the plan.

Master Fire Protection Plan August 2006 Edition:


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Humboldt County Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter  2. County Fire Environment & Agency Roles in Fire Planning & Education

Chapter 3. Risk Assessment & Mitigation Strategies (RAMS) Modeling for Wildland Fires

RAMS Planning Compartment Figures:

Fig. 3.11   Lower Klamath

Fig. 3.12   East Klamath

Fig. 3.13   Trinity

Fig. 3.13   Redwood Park

Fig. 3.14   Trinidad

Fig. 3.15   Humboldt Bay

Fig. 3.16   Upper Redwood Creek

Fig. 3.17   Mad-Van Duzen

Fig. 3.18   Main Eel

Fig. 3.19   South Eel

Fig. 3.20   Mattole-Lost Coast

Chapter 4. Countywide Emergency Response

Chapter 5. Public Outreach Process and Findings

Chapter 6. Fire Safe Council Findings and Recommendations

Chapter 7. Humboldt County 2025 General Plan Policy Recommendations

Chapter 8 Implementation Measures


List of Acronyms and Abbreviations



Appendix A: Funding For Fire Safety and Services

Appendix B: Fire Organization Survey Summaries

Appendix C: RAMS Risk/Hazard Rating Factors and Background Data by Compartment

Appendix D: Emergency Response Time and Coverage

Appendix E: Community Outreach Meetings Process

Appendix F: Community Outreach Meeting Information

Appendix G: Community Identified Values, Protection Resources, Risks and Hazards and Projects

Appendix H: Community Outreach Meetings Feedback Forms