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Lower Mattole Fire-Safe Council (LMFSC)

The mission of the Lower Mattole Fire-Safe Council is to reduce risks and minimize damage to life, property, and the environment from wildfire, by coordinating efforts to fund and implement fire-safe education and projects in the Lower Mattole.

The Goals and Objectives of the LMFSC are:

  1. Reduce wildlands fuel load in and around our neighborhoods, thus reducing the danger to life, property, and the environment.
  2. Increase availability of water resources for wildland firefighting by strategic placement of water tanks and ponds.
  3. Assist local firefighting agencies in creating, maintaining, and distributing a Firefighter’s Information Atlas.
  4. Promote healthy forest and rangeland ecosystems by reduction of hazardous fuels.
  5. Promote creation of shaded fuel breaks in appropriate locations.
  6. Educate and assist private landowners in prioritizing and implementing fire-safe practices.
  7. Enhance communication between our community and firefighting agencies.
  8. Implement the Lower Mattole Fire Plan with ongoing monitoring and evaluation.
  9. Assist those in the community who need help fire-safing their homes and property.


Fire-Safe Council Representatives:


For information about this Council, please contact:

Ian Sigman
Interim Sect/Treasurer
Lower Mattole Fire Safe Council
POB 20
Petrolia, CA 95558
Home: (707) 629-3445

-- OR --

Chantele Leatherwood
Interim Chairman
Lower Mattole Fire Safe Council
POB 117
Petrolia, CA 95558
Office: (707) 629-3400
Fax: (707) 629-3401


Lower Mattole Fire Safe Plan 

Upper Mattole Fire Safe Plan