The Southern Humboldt Fire Safe Council (FSC)

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FSC Board
Sphere of Influence
Mission Statement
Community Fire Safe Projects

FSC Board:

President: Joel Ficklin Palo Verde Volunteer Fire Department


Bill Eastwood Beginnings Volunteer Fire Department

Tim Jones BLM

Dave Kahn LTO inTelegraph Ridge

Mike Miller Sprowel Creek Volunteer Fire Department

John Rogers Institute for Sustainable Forestry

Peter Tittman Salmon Creek Volunteer Fire Department

Sphere of Influence:

The FSCs sphere of influence boarder runs South from Phillipsville, just South-East of Honeydew, East from Shelter Cove, along Humboldt County Southern boundary, East to Palo Verde and Alderpoint. Communities within the sphere of influence are:

Alderpoint, Palo Verde, Phillipsville, Garberville, Redway, Briceland, Telegraph Ridge, Ettersburg, Sprowel Creek, Whitethorn, Piercy, and Whale Gulch.



October 2002

Southern Humboldt area residents concerned about the potentially devastating effects of wildfire upon our families, homes, businesses and community have recently formed the Southern Humboldt Fire Safe Council. It is because we enjoy living and working in our beautiful natural environment, and that this wonderful community could be destroyed in a wildfire that we are motivated to form this council which will help protect ourselves from this threat and minimize our potential losses. The public safety issues we discuss may even extend beyond fire safety, to earthquake preparedness, emergency medical response, etc.

The council had its first meeting July 2nd 2002 and has continued to meet on a monthly basis. Participation has been widespread with more than forty individuals including representation from the following volunteer fire departments: Beginnings, Telegraph Ridge, Sprowel Cr., Palo Verde, Whale Gulch, Shelter Cove, and Salmon Creek. Additionally the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protections Garberville Battalion Chief and other personnel from CDFs Humboldt-Del Norte Unit based in Fortuna have worked with us. Organizations that have thus far participated in the SHFSC include Beginnings Inc., the Institute for Sustainable Forestry, Ancient Forest International, Sanctuary Forest, and the Humboldt Fire Chiefs Association. Additional networking is being done with BLM and the California Conservation Corps to coordinate our activities (i.e. fuel breaks) with other fire prevention efforts.


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Southern Humboldt Fire Safe Council is to protect the regions natural and manmade resources by mobilizing our community to make their homes, neighborhoods and communities fire safe.




To accomplish the established goals and objectives, the council plans to seek funding to enable:


Community Fire Safety Projects:




Safety Zones:

Fuel Reduction/Stand Improvement:

Enhance Wildlife Habitat:


Fie Protection Organization Capacity:

Economic Infrastructure: