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The Office of Natural Resources Planning is working with the seven county North Coast region on the North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (NCIRWMP) planning and implementation efforts. The seven county north coast region is defined as the counties of Sonoma, Mendocino, Humboldt, Del Norte, Siskiyou, Trinity, and Modoc counties. The NCIRWMP Regional Planning Group, which has representation from each of the previously mentioned counties, unanimously nominated the County of Humboldt as the regional manager for all NCIRWMP grants.

Division staff are currently managing the following projects:

NCIRWMP Proposition 50 Planning Grant


The NCIRWMP Proposition 50 Planning Grant allowed for continued regional planning and pilot local planning efforts. One of the local planning effort provided via this grant was partial funding for the development of a Water Resources Element of the Humboldt County General Plan. This grant also provided funding for revisions of the NCIRWMP document.

NCIRWMP Proposition 50 Implementation Grant

The NCIRWMP Proposition 50 Implementation Grant is currently funding 21 projects throughout the 7 county north coast region. This Grant is currently being managed through the County of Humboldt Office of Natural Resources Planning. These projects represent a diverse range of projects and partnerships. Sub-grantees include city governments, resource conservation districts, community service districts, state agencies and non-profits. The total grant award is nearly $25 million with over $63 million dollars in matching funds.