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I can't find a contact in the Address Book.

  • Outlook displays County personnel who are Outlook / Exchange users in the Global Address List using a Last Name, First Name format. NOTE: Outlook is inconsistent about the way it chooses to display users who have not yet converted from ccMail to Outlook! While correctly displaying some as Last name, First Name, some County employees may be listed as First Name, Last Name.

  • The Address Book can contain several address books. The name you want may be in a different address book. In the Address Book window, select another address book in the Show names from the box. To see contacts from the Outlook contact list, click the name of the contacts folder you want under Outlook Address Book, in the Show names from the box.

  • A contact must have an entry in the E-mail field or a fax phone number field to appear in the Outlook Address Book.

  • In order for your Contacts folder to be visible in your Address Book, you have to first tell Outlook to show this folder as an email-Address Book -- for instructions on how to do this, click here.