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 - Good developer resource for Outlook / Exchange

 - Good developer reference for Collaboration Data Objects (CDO)

Outlook & Exchange Developer Solutions. Covering tools, references, samples and more for application developers.
Utilities for Microsoft Outlook & Exchange. A continuously growing list of Add-ons for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook 9x/2000.
Scheduling Resources for Microsoft Outlook. If you have resources, such as conference rooms, that you want users to be able to book as they invite people to meetings, you can use several possible methods.
Also check out to find more hints, e. g. how to Maintaining a Group Calendar in Outlook.

SWYNK.COM is the leading Web site for Microsoft Exchange peer support. It is the home of the Microsoft Exchange Discussion List.
Outlook Exchange Developer Site. This site is dedicated to providing information and Resources to seasoned Outlook developers as well as to those who want to do simple modifications to Microsoft Outlook. There are a bunch of code samples to learn how to develop your own Microsoft Outlook forms.
Amrein Exchange Resource Center. Starting from this point you will find a never-ending list of third party add-ons and much more information about Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook.
Microsoft Windows Scripting Host. This site provides information about Microsoft Windows Scripting Host (WSH). WSH is a tool that will allow you to run VBScript and JScript natively within the base Operating System, either on Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0. There is also a lot of information on COM objects that can be used with WSH and any other environment where you can work with VBScript and JScript (e.g. Exchange Scripting Agents, Outlook Forms).
15Seconds. A great resource for Active Server Pages developer. Includes links to third party components and excellent technical articles.
Activedir.Org. The purpose of this web site is to provide a resource for Microsoft's Active Directory.
OutlookVBA. The goal of this Website is to show you how to use VBA in outlook and make sense of it all. It also provides you access to free examples.
MS Exchange Programming. WRConsulting is an association of independent professional consultants. They also write a book about Microsoft Exchange Server programming and most of the content is available online.
Exchange Code Exchange. A new completely non-commercial Web site dedicated to providing free code samples and applications focusing on Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook. They have also an awesome AutoAccept Microsoft Exchange Server Event script, including an AutoAccept Wizard, which provides a complete solution for Automatic Resource scheduling including numerous enhancements that have been requested by the Exchange community. This has allowed the script to evolve into an extremely useful tool with a feature set that meets the needs of the vast majority of sites using Exchange.
ExchangeFAQ.org: find out how, now!. This is  an excellent resource site for Exchange administrators with lots of information including a discussion forum. Note that this site is not associated with GFI Software or their ExchangeFAQ.com site.
Microsoft Exchange Software. This site has a list of Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook related books and add-ons. There is also a very useful list of links to messaging related stuff.
Exchange2000 Your source for Exchange 2000 Server. This site is maintained by Martin Tuip, a member of the CDOLive team. He's site provides information and resources, including books and whitepapers, regarding Exchange 2000. Also a mailing list is provided to discuss Exchange 2000 related questions.