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Using the Outlook Address Book

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The Outlook Address Book is a container that includes the main Contacts folder and any others you add. Outlook automatically makes the main Contacts folder available through the Address Book dialog, but you can also add other folders containing contacts.

Add the Outlook Address Book to a user profile

Before you can use the Address book tool to organize your personal contacts, you must add the Outlook Address Book Service to your user profile.
  1. On the Tools menu, click Services.
  2. On the Services tab, click Add.
  3. In the Available information services box, click Outlook Address Book.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Quit and restart Outlook.

Organizing E-mail Addresses

As we have discovered when we created a message, the "Global Address List" is quite large, if not somewhat cumbersome because it will make it difficult to easily access users we frequently correspond with. To resolve this problem, it was felt it would be valuable to review how we can manage addresses and most efficiently utilize address books.

  • There are four sources for addresses:
    • The Global Address List is controlled by the Humboldt County Information Services Department. Information Services controls what is on this list. If you note an error, you need to contact your supervisor and your supervisor will be provided assistance in notifying Information Services.
    • Department Mailing Lists can be created by authorized personnel from each department.  The degree of control each individual will have regarding who is included in those lists is currently uncertain. Currently, these lists are not readily available and probably will become more available as things progress.
    • "Contacts" is derived from your Contacts module. Contacts is an extensive Rolodex designed to include a comprehensive range of information regarding individuals, corporations and departments.
    • "The Personal Address Book" is what you will utilize most frequently for sending messages. Unlike "Contacts" this resource is leaner and designed specifically to easily integrate with the creation of a mail message.
  • How to add a person from the Global List to your Personal Address book
    • Click on the Address Book Symbol or go to Tools > Address Book
    • Select the Global List
    • Type the name of the Person You are Interested in Adding and make certain you have a match
    • Click the "Properties" Symbol
    • Note at the bottom of the Screen you have a button titled "Add to: Personal Address Book". It's that simple.
  • How to Create Personal Mailing Lists (a.k.a. Distribution Lists)
    • Click on the Address Book Symbol (if necessary)
    • Switch to the Personal Address Book
    • Click the "New" Symbol
    • Click on "Personal Distribution List"
    • Give the List a Name and then click in the large box
    • You can add members using records in any address book.