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What is Outlook and Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange

  • It is a mail system. It is physically a server that specializes in the storage of messages and coordinates the transmission and receipt of messages between users on that server, between other Exchange servers and the outside world.

  • It determines who has rights to the mail service. Being a unique server, it functions in much the same manner as your network server. Like any server, you will need to log onto that server in order to use any of its services.


  • It is the "client" package that you will be using that works in conjunction with the Exchange server.

  • It is software that resides on your computer.

  • It is customizable with such functions as personal address books, calendars, notes, tasks, and archive settings.

Where is your information stored?

On the Exchange Server:

  • Your primary "Mailbox", including anything you add to Contacts, Calendars, Private folders etc.

  • Personalized settings regarding how your Outlook program appears and operates

  • Information is backed up nightly. Information is recoverable in case something goes wrong.

On your workstation:

  • Personal Address Book

  • Archived Records (Personal Folder)

  • The primary objective on how information is stored is to enable you to move about and yet access your e-mail and other services without losing your personalized setup and information.

Features of Outlook

  • E-mail (The "Inbox")

  • Calendars

  • Contacts (Rolodex)

  • Task Management

  • Notes

  • Journals

  • Interaction between each of these modules

  • Interaction between users

  • Interaction between other Microsoft applications such as Word and Excel.

Primary Objective

The first objective in learning Outlook is to master the basic skills in sending, receiving and storing messages. Judging from the list above, it is easy to become overwhelmed, if not confused or intimidated by the wide range of functions of this software. It is, in essence, a work environment within Windows.  You will be spending a great deal of time inside Outlook. You will discover, over time, that it will be a constant resource for messages, scheduling and task management. You will learn how it easily manages files on your computer and how it is easy to jump into other programs such as Microsoft Word, or to attach files and images from other programs.

But the primary objective, as it concerns new users of Outlook, is to manage e-mail.

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