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"Signatures" are essentially the basic information at the end of correspondence.  For most documents, a signature is nothing more than a title and name.  But with e-mail, you can include more: office address, phone number, fax number, web address and e-mail address.  It is recommended that you include the e-mail address for the simple reason that many people who respond to your message may actually do so from a printed document.  Auto-reply functions sometimes do not work for the recipient, so it is handy to have the original e-mail  address that they can manually insert into their message.

Create a signature for messages

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Mail Format tab.
  2. Click Signature Picker, and then click New.
  3. In the Enter a name for your new Signature box, enter a name for the signature. 
    (Outlook allows you to create multiple signatures so each signature must have a name to reference it by.)
  4. Click Next.
  5. In the Signature text box, type the text you want to include in the signature.
    You can also paste text to the Signature text box from another document.

    The suggested signature format for county employees is:

    FirstName LastName 
    (707) 268-XXXX (phone)
    (707) 444-XXXX (fax)


  6. To change the paragraph or font format, select the text, click Font or Paragraph, and then select the options you want. These options are not available if you use plain text as your message format.

Setting your Default Signature

Since you can create multiple signatures for different purposes in Outlook, if you want to choose one of these to be your "automatic" signature, you must set it as the default

bullet To specify the default signature:

Go to Tools > Options > then click the Mail Format tab: 
Mail Format Tab or the Options dialog
Under the Signature section, choose a signature that you have 
created from the drop down list where it says 
Use this Signature by default. 

Click OK. 

Now when you create a new email message, the 
default signature will be inserted automatically 
into your message.

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