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The Outlook Bar and folder list

The first thing you will probably notice about Outlook is the program's layout.

By default, the Outlook Bar is displayed in the left panel. You can change the way information is presented in Outlook by going to the View menu and selecting what panels to display. From here you can toggle on/off the Outlook bar, folder list, and the various toolbars.

Image of the Outlook Bar and the Folder List  (Outlook Today View Selected)

infoHint: Right-clicking on the various items in Outlook is a great way to figure out how to do many things. Many of the things you can do in Outlook are made available as options in the right-click menu.
The Outlook Bar and the Folder List 

These two screen components help you navigate through the various components of Outlook.  You can turn either or both of them off in the View menu.  

Click on View, Outlook Bar to remove the Outlook Bar from your screen.

Click on View, Folder List to remove the Folder List from your screen.

Repeating the process brings them back.

Getting one of them off your screen will allow more room for viewing your messages.  I recommend leaving the Folder List open as a navigation tool, as it gives a little more detail than the Outlook Bar, but the choice between Folder List and Outlook Bar is ultimately a matter of personal preference.