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 Outlook 2000 Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut Function
<CTRL + N>  New Appointment (from Calendar View)
<CTRL + N>  New Contact (from Contact View)
<CTRL + N>  New Email Message (from Inbox View)
<CTRL + N>  New Note (from Notes View)
<CTRL + N>  Create a new Task (from Tasks View)
<CTRL + SHIFT + B>  Display the Address Book
<CTRL + SHIFT + G>  Flag for follow up
<CTRL + Q>  Mark message as read
<CTRL + R>  Reply to an e-mail message
<CTRL + SHIFT + R>  Reply to all recipients of an e-mail message
<CTRL + SHIFT + F>  Use Advanced Find
+ or -
(on the numeric keypad)
 Expand/collapse a group (with the group selected)
ESC  Cancel Current Operation
<ENTER>  Select
<CTRL + TAB>  Switch to the next tab in a dialog box
<CTRL + SHIFT + TAB>  Switch to the previous tab in a dialog box
<SHIFT + F1>  Display Screen Tip for the currently selected item
<F2>  Turn on editing in a field (except icon view)
Up, Down, Left, or Right arrow  Move from item to item
<SHIFT + F3>  Shift case (with text selected)