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The County of Humboldt is required to provide a building permitting and inspection program by the California Health and Safety Code, the Business and Professions Code and the California Administrative Code.

The Building Inspection Division is part of the Planning and Building Department and is responsible for processing building permit applications, collecting fees, reviewing construction plans, conducting field inspections and resolving building code violations.

On and after January 1, 2014, residential buildings undergoing permitted alterations, additions or improvements shall replace noncompliant plumbing fixtures with water conserving plumbing fixtures. Plumbing fixture replacement is required prior to issuance of a certificate of final completion, certificate of occupancy or final permit approval by the local building department.


Building Inspection Division Phone Numbers
Online Resources
First Time Applying for a Building Permit?
Building Codes
Forms and Handouts
Sprinkler Systems
Other Resources
Secondary Dwelling Unit Plans


 Building Inspection Division Phone Numbers:
To reach the building division call (707)445-7245 or (800)900-4034.


 Online Resources:

OnTrack Customer Portal is an online resources for customers to check permit status, download documents, schedule inspections, submit a plot plan for preliminary review, and view the daily inspection routes. To learn more please read our OnTrack Overview

WebGIS is our online resource for maps and other data layers from our Geographic Information System. This system can be used to research whether a parcel is in a flood zone, state responsibility area or qualifies for alternate owner builder.


 First Time Applying for a Building Permit?

Below are some general sources of information to help first time applicants prepare for the building permit application process. For more information or help, please call the Building Inspection Division.


 Building Codes

2013 California Administrative Code
2013 California Building Code- Volume 1
California Building Code- Volume 2
2013 California Residential Code
2013 California Electrical Code
2013 California Mechanical Code
2013 California Plumbing Code
2013 California Energy Code
2013 California Historical Building Code
2013 California Fire Code
2013 California Existing Building Code
2013 California Green Building Standards Code
2013 California Referenced Standards Code
2010 California Building Code - Vol. 1 (15.8 MB PDF)
2010 California Building Code - Vol. 2 (16.7 MB PDF)
2010 California Residential Code (23.8 MB PDF)
2010 California Electrical Code (9.2 MB PDF)
2010 California Mechanical Code (5.2 MB PDF)
2010 California Plumbing Code (9.1 MB PDF)
2010 California Energy Code (1.1 MB PDF)
2010 California Historical Building Code (380 kb PDF)
2010 California Fire Code (9.2 MB PDF)
2010 California Green Building Standards Code (2.8 MB PDF)
2010 Existing Building Code (670 kb PDF)
2010 California Referenced Standards Code (2.7 MB PDF)


 Forms and Handouts

Significant Changes to the California Building Code, 2013 Edition
Agriculture Exempt Structures Letter of Intent
Authorization of Agent to Act on Property Owner’s Behalf
Code Violation Form
Construction Plan Checklist
Fee Schedule for Building Division
How To Apply for a Residential Building Permit
Land Use Requirements
Owner Builder Notice to Property Owner Form
Plot Plan Checklist
Plot Plan Example
Request Changes to Issued Permit
Soils Report Checklist

Alternate Owner Builder (AOB) Ordinance
Rural housing construction standards for individual builders intending to occupy the dwelling.
Alternate Owner Builder (AOB) Ordinance
Alternate Owner Builder (AOB) Plan Review Form
Alternate Owner Builder (AOB) Plan Submittal Requirements and Inspections

As-Built Forms
Forms used to certify that existing structures meet current code standards.
AOB As-Built Procedures
As-Built Electrical Form
As-Built Mechanical Form
As-Built Plumbing Form
Standard As-Built Procedures
Step-by-Step As-Built Instructions

Fire Safe Regulations
Minimum wildfire protection standards for building, construction and development in a state responsibility area.
Fire Safe Regulations
Fire Safe Regulation Checklist
State Responsibility Area (SRA) Exemption Request Forms
State Responsibility Area (SRA) Domestic Emergency Water Supply Systems

Flood Zone
Regulations to minimize public and private losses due to flood conditions.
Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance
Placement of Fill within a Special Flood Hazard Area
Flood Elevation Certificate Forms and Instructions

Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control
Regulations to control excavation, grading and earthwork construction. Includes fills, embankments, and erosion and sediment controls.
General Grading Requirements
Grading, Excavation, and Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance
Geologic Hazards Ordinance
Minimum Guidelines for Erosion and Sediment Control
Erosion and Sediment Control Plan for Small Projects

Permit Application Packets
Standard Permit Application Packet
Alternative Owner Builder (AOB) Permit Application Packet

Plan Check Review Forms
Forms used by the Building Division when reviewing residential construction projects.
Conformance Plan Submittal Requirements
Conformance Review Form
Photovoltaic Review Form
Single Story Fast Check Review Form

Residential Conversion
Residential Detached Accessory Structures
Residential to Guest House Conversion
Residential to Storage Conversion

Streamside Management Areas
Provides minimum standards for the use and development of land located within Streamside Management Areas (SMAs) and other wet areas.
Streamside Management Area Ordinance


 Sprinkler Systems

Effective January 1, 2011, Section R313 of the California Residential Code requires all new dwellings, dwelling units, and one and two family townhomes to be equipped with an automatic fire sprinkler system complying with National Fire Protection Association standard 13D, as modified by the California State Fire Marshall.

Additional information regarding residential fire sprinklers can be found through the links below:
International Residential Code Fire Sprinkler Coalition
Water Supplies for Home Fire Sprinkler Systems Fact Sheet


 Other Resources
Asbestos NESHAP Building Demolition / Renovation information page
Building Standards Commission
California Building Officials
California Department of Housing and Community Development
California Energy Commission
California Office of the State Fire Marshal
California Office of the State Fire Marshal Wildland Urban Interface Product Listing
Cal Fire’s California's Wildland-Urban Interface Code Information
Contractors State License Board
International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials
International Code Council


 Second Dwelling Unit Plans

The Planning and Building Department collaborated with the Humboldt Association of Realtors to make construction plans for four different secondary dwelling unit designs available to the public. Sometimes called mother-in-law units, these designs can provide affordable housing.

Please note these plans are for informational purposes only. The plans as represented here do not meet current California building codes. Prior to approving these plans for construction, applicants must make modifications to meet California codes in effect at the time the application is submitted.

  Doc Type File Size
SDU Plans #1 - Attached Unit pdf 9.6 MB
SDU Plans #2 - Above Garage Unit pdf 0.75 MB
SDU Plans #3 - Detached Unit pdf 1.5 MB
SDU Plans #4 - Detached Unit #2 pdf 0.75 MB