Board of Supervisors' Chamber

County Courthouse, Eureka


June 6, 2013

6:00 pm





At this time persons may appear before this Commission on any matter not on the Agenda. Persons recognized by the Chair will please address the Commission from the microphone, first identifying themselves by name and address. Time limits will be established by the Chair depending on the number of people wishing to speak and the length of the Agenda for the evening.


1. RICHARD ROMNEY, Trinidad area; Case Nos. SP-12-006; APN 515-231-011. A Special Permit for Design Review for the proposed construction of an approximately 5,438 square-foot, single-family residence. The project also includes construction of an approximately 1,222 square-foot attached garage, approximately 390 square feet of covered porches, 1,444 square feet of covered decks, and 135 square feet of uncovered decks. (SL)

At the request of the applicant, Item 1 is withdrawn for administrative consideration.


2. BRICELAND VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT, Briceland area; Case Nos. LLA-11-024, ZBA-13-001, GPC-13-004; APNs 220-251-013, 220-331-010. A Lot Line Adjustment between two parcels resulting in two parcels of 0.99 acres and 12.51 acres. A Zone Boundary Adjustment is required to adjust the zone boundary to follow the new parcel line boundary. A General Plan Conformance Review is required for the ultimate construction of a fire hall. (TE)

3. BARBARA PIETILA, Kings Range/Shelter Cove Area; Case Nos. Case Nos. PMS 13-004, JTMP 13-005; APNs 108-132-006, 108-133-003. A Parcel Map Subdivision to result in Parcels 1 and 2 of approximately 100 acres each. The project was originally approved in 1986 and again in 1994; however, the conditions of project approval were not completed prior to expiration. The project requires implementation of

a Joint Timber Management Plan. (AP)

4. BRIAN DER, Alderpoint area. Case No. FMS-12-008; APNs 216-151-020, 216-164-001, 216-245-004, 216-246-011. A Final Map Subdivision to result in two parcels of approximately 365 acres each. (AP)

5. KATHERINE WOLMAN, Briceland area. Case No. PMS-13-003; APNs 220-231-028, 220-241-012. A Parcel Map Subdivision to result in Parcels 1 and 2 of approximately 42.7 and 18.8 acres, respectively. (AP)

Staff recommendation: Make all of the required findings, based on evidence in the staff reports, and approve the Consent Agenda subject to the recommended conditions.


6. Humboldt County Department of Public Works, Kercher Quarry, Garberville area. Case Nos. CUP 12-16, SMP 12-06, RP-12-06; APN 216-133-010. Conditional Use Permit, Surface Mining Permit, and approval of Reclamation Plan for the Kercher Quarry, a new upland quarry in the Pratt Mountain area. The project proposes total extraction of 100,000 cubic yards (cy) over the 15-year permit term. (AP)

Staff recommendation for Item 6: Adopt the Mitigated Negative Declaration and make all of the required findings, based on evidence in the staff report and public testimony, and approve the project as described in the Agenda Item Transmittal, subject to the recommended conditions of approval.

7. Steve and Mary Norton, Salmon Creek/Miranda area. Case Nos. ZR 12-008, LLA 12-029, JTMP 13-004; APNs 212-033-002, 212-301-010. A Lot Line Adjustment, Zone Reclassification, and Joint Timber Management Plan application. The project includes a Zone Reclassification of approximately seven acres into Timberland Production Zone and approval of a Joint Timber Management Plan. (AP)

Staff recommendation for Item 7: Make all of the required findings, based on evidence in the staff report and public testimony, and recommend adoption of the Zone Reclassification, approval of the Lot Line Adjustment, and implementation of the Joint Timber Management Plan to the Board of Supervisors as described in the Agenda Item Transmittal and subject to the recommended conditions.

CORRESPONDENCE Correspondence from Charles Ciancio, dated April 22, 2013

OLD BUSINESS Draft letter to the Forestry Review Committee concerning appropriateness of current minimum parcel size standards for parcels zoned Timberland Production Zone (TPZ).



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