Board of Supervisors' Chamber

County Courthouse, Eureka


August 1, 2013

6:00 pm





At this time persons may appear before this Commission on any matter not on the Agenda. Persons recognized by the Chair will please address the Commission from the microphone, first identifying themselves by name and address. Time limits will be established by the Chair depending on the number of people wishing to speak and the length of the Agenda for the evening.


1. BRETT VISSER, Fieldbrook area. Case Nos. GPA-13-001, ZR-13-001, PMS-13-001; APNs 512-221-033, 512-221-045. General Plan Amendment, Zone Reclassification, and Parcel Map Subdivision application. (AP)

Request that Item 1 be continued to September 5, 2013.

2. JOHN AND PATRICIA POOLE, Willow Creek area; Case Nos. PMS-12-005, SP-13-026; APN 522-501-005. A Minor Subdivision to divide an approximately 3.3 acre parcel into two parcels of 2.3 acres and 1.0 acres, respectively. (TE)

Applicant requests that item 2 be continued to September 5, 2013.


3. HUMBOLDT COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT (HCSD), Cutten area; Case No. GPC-13-002; APNs 300-011-007, 300-011-008, 300-011-009, 303-011-003. A General Plan Conformance Review pursuant to Government Code Section 65402 involving the Humboldt Community Services District’s acquisition of real property from the Green Diamond Resource Company. No development of the land is proposed at this time. (MDR)

4. CHARLES BENBOW, Benbow area; Case Nos. PMS-08-012, LLA-08-018, CUP-08-020, DR-08-013; 033-041-015, 033-041-023, 033-041-028, 033-160-002. A Lot Line Adjustment between two parcels of approximately 1.27 acres and 24.9 acres to result in two parcels of approximately 3.16 acres and 23 acres in size. The 23-acre parcel will then be subdivided along with APNs 033-041-015 and 033-160-002 into four parcels and a Remainder. Parcel 2 is proposed to be developed with a single family residence which requires a Conditional Use Permit in a multi-family zone. Design Review is also required for the proposed residence. (TE)

Staff recommendation: Make all of the required findings, based on evidence in the staff reports, and approve the Consent Agenda subject to the recommended conditions.


5. STEVEN DOCTOR, McKinleyville area. Case Nos. CDP 13-014, SP 13-010, NOM 13-004; APNs 511-461-025, 511-461-026. Construction of a building to house a U.S. Court and U.S. Marshals’ Service courtroom, office, and facility at the Airport Business Park. The project involves a Coastal Development Permit and a merger of two lots into one to allow construction of the facility and a Special Permit for an exception to the parking standards and to allow up to 60 persons per acre on the site pursuant to the Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan. The facility will include a courtroom, jail, and offices. The project is subject to special design and landscaping standards. A minor adjustment to the Development Plan for the property is proposed to accommodate off-street parking within a portion of the side yard setback. (JM)

Staff recommendation: Adopt the Mitigated Negative Declaration and make all of the required findings, based on evidence in the staff report and public testimony, and approve the Steven Doctor project as described in the Agenda Item Transmittal, subject to the recommended conditions of approval .

CORRESPONDENCE Letter from Kevin Hamblin to Joshua Sweet, dated July 1, 2013

Letter from The Christian Congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, dated June 24, 2013




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