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Public Input Sought On County Local Coastal Plan Update

The County of Humboldt will hold a workshop on Wednesday, October 15th to discuss and obtain public input for the update of the Local Coastal Plans, (a part of the County’s General Plan), at the Agricultural Center, located at 5630 South Broadway, Eureka.

Purpose of the Workshops: The workshop will focus on the Issue Identification Report for the Local Coastal Program. The report identifies key issues to consider during the update of Humboldt County’s Local Coastal Plans (LCP's). These issues will help guide the revisions to the plans and proposed plan policies. Planning staff conducted a comprehensive review of the existing plans in order to identify these issues. The revisions focused on updates due to: physical changes, regulatory changes, land use changes, out of date text, and policy clarifications and refinement. The Issue Identification Report provides a written summary that outlines these key issues in order to begin a dialog with the public to address the necessary policy revisions within the LCP's.

 Background Information: The Coastal Act of 1976 required the County to have a Local Coastal Program certified by the State Coastal Commission. Humboldt County’s Local Coastal Plans were developed in the early 1980’s with implementing regulations approved in 1985. To date, no comprehensive updates have been undertaken. The County is currently in the process of revising the inland portions of the General Plan. The Board of Supervisors and the California Coastal Commission agreed that the time was "ripe" for integration of the coastal plans update with the update of the County General Plan.

Workshop Agenda: A reception and sign-in for the workshop will begin at 6:45pm. The workshop begins at 7:00pm with an overview of the coastal program followed by a powerpoint presentation on the findings of the Issue Identification Report. The workshop will conclude with questions and/or comments on the Report from the public, hopefully adjourning by 9:00pm.

For More Information View the documents on the County’s website at or contact Martha Spencer at the Humboldt County Community Development Services Department at (707) 268-3704.