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 About the Planning Division's GIS Program 

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is an organized collection of geographic data, computer hardware, and software designed to efficiently  capture, store, update, analyze, and display many forms of spatially  referenced information.


A GIS can also be described as a powerful tool that is used to answer   complex questions concerning locational conditions, trends, patterns, and modeling.


Over the last decade, the Humboldt County Planning Division has developed and used GIS data and software with the goal of supporting current planning and the General Plan Update. Recently, this effort has expanded significantly to include support for a multitude of countywide needs involving most county departments as well as many Federal, State, and Local Agencies.


GIS Data

County Planning Division has collected and developed vast amounts of GIS data that has proven to be very useful in, among many other applications, the General Plan Update, County Fire Plan, and Current Planning support.  During the development of these data sets we charged for data we considered preliminary drafts. We have decided at this point that the data sets are sufficiently developed to be considered public records. We will therefore be making them available for download from our website free of charge. Please be advised that some of this data can be considered sensitive or of limited use for various purposes and may be restricted by statute. Please be sure to read the disclaimer and take note for consideration when using this data. We are very glad to finally be able to widely distribute this data but as responsible data stewards with want to discourage any misuse or confusion in the use of this data.  To access and download our GIS data, go to our Data Download Page 


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