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Probation Department - County of Humboldt
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Humboldt County Probation Department Administration

The Humboldt County Probation Department is administered by Chief Probation Officer Bill Damiano. Other members of the management team consists of three Probation Services Directors, seven Supervising Probation Officers, two Facility Managers, and an Administrative Services Officer.

The Goals and Philosophy of the Department are as follows:

Section 1202.7 of the Penal Code states: (Legislative Finding and Declaration) The legislature finds and declares that the provisions of probation services is an essential element in the administration of criminal justice. The safety of the public, the nature of the offense, the interests of justice, the loss to the victim, and the needs of the defendant shall be primary considerations in the granting of probation.

Therefore, in relation to the above section of law, the primary goal of this department is to provide the designated services that must be provided by law and to promote the general welfare of the community and individual client whenever possible. These services are, of course, provided based on the premise of our concern for the public safety and welfare, and concern for the individual client who normally comes from and returns to the community.

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